How to Ride Slush Snow

If you’ve been waiting for winter to start for months on end or you just can’t let winter go as the season winds down, you’re going to end up riding on slush snow eventually. Just because slush isn’t ideal for skiing and snowboarding doesn’t mean you can’t have fun riding it though. We won’t tell … Read more

How to Get Back to Skiing or Snowboarding After an Accident

Falling is a part of skiing and snowboarding. Fortunately, the majority of falls don’t result in injury to any body part other than the ego, but serious accidents that require months of recovery and time away from the mountain do happen. While many of these accidents cause injuries that the skier or snowboarder can physically … Read more

Safety Tips for Skiing Moguls

Skiing moguls can be quite difficult and even painful. However, once you learn how to do it, you’ll probably enjoy the experience more than skiing on a groomed slope or through the powder. No doubt you’ve seen skiers dancing and bouncing between the bumps and marveled at not only their ability but also the pure … Read more

Preventing & Treating Snow Blindness

You’re relaxing after a long day on the slopes when you feel a sudden sharp pain in your eyes. What’s going on? Snow blindness, also known as photokeratitis, can strike an unwary skier, snowboarder, climber, or mountain biker at any time. It’s a temporary condition that can be extremely painful and disorienting. The snow sports experts at … Read more

Hydration Tips for Skiiers

Every cell, organ, and tissue in your body needs water to function properly. In fact, water makes up around 60 percent of your body weight. Plus, water helps your body work and retain information better, and it transports both nutrients and waste while regulating your body temperature.  When you’re skiing high up on the slopes, … Read more