Are there Dog Leash Laws in Mammoth Lakes?

The only thing better than outdoor activities in Mammoth Lakes is sharing the joy of spending time outside with those you love. That’s why bringing your dog to Mammoth Lakes and letting them experience the mountain air is an unforgettable experience. However, if you want to do so safely and responsibly, then you’ll need to […] Click to Read This Article

What to do in Mammoth Lakes During October 2023

This is it! We’re officially into fall, and if you don’t know why fall is one of the best times to visit Mammoth Lakes then it’s time to change that. The leaves are changing and soon the trails and lakes will be covered with ice and snow. Check out what to do in Mammoth Lakes […] Click to Read This Article

Can You Ski in Mammoth Lakes on Thanksgiving?

There isn’t much that’s better than spending time with family and friends around a Thanksgiving dinner, but doing so in Mammoth Lakes is just that. We love calling Mammoth Home, but if it’s a place that you come to in order to escape everyday life and enjoy special time with family then Thanksgiving is the […] Click to Read This Article

The Best Fall Colors in Mammoth Lakes

Leaves changing color from deep green to beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows is one of the surest, and prettiest, signs of fall. On top of that, after a long summer most of us are eager to see the brightest and best fall colors to fully embrace fall and everything it brings. That’s why the ASO […] Click to Read This Article

Where to Rock Climb in Mammoth Lakes

Climbing in an area you’re unfamiliar with is always intimidating, especially if you’re new to climbing outside. With a little bit of knowledge though, you can learn where to climb in beautiful places like Mammoth Lakes quickly while staying safe. ASO Mammoth wants everyone who visits Mammoth to get the most out of their time […] Click to Read This Article

The Easiest Way to See Fall Colors in Mammoth Lakes

Trees change colors all over America during Autumn, but you won’t find falls colors like those in Mammoth Lakes anywhere else. Leaves turn warm orange, fiery red, and golden yellow due to a combination of cold temperatures and moisture. In most places the leaves change uniformly, but in Mammoth Lakes the range of elevations caused […] Click to Read This Article

Trails to enjoy the Eastern Sierra’s Peak Fall Foliage

Mammoth Fall Hiking

Based on social media feeds alone, it seems like everyone in America has a tree changing colors in their front yard or is at least taking a trip somewhere that looks like a fall postcard. Despite the flood of fall pictures, recipes, and sales taking over your social media feeds and local ads, there is […] Click to Read This Article