Dave McCoy: The Man Who Built Mammoth Mountain

mammoth dave mccoy vintage skiing

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Mammoth Lakes local or a first-time visitor, when you see Mammoth Mountain towering above you all you can think is, “wow.” After all, there’s a reason the mountain is named after one of the largest creatures to ever step on Earth. Now imagine seeing Mammoth Mountain looming over you […] Click to Read This Article

7 Great Reasons to Go to Mammoth Mountain This Year

Reasons to Visit Mammoth Mountain in 2021 in Mammoth Lakes, CA

Mammoth Mountain is an anomaly, and a welcome one at that. Nestled in the high Sierra Nevada Mountains on the eastern border of California, it’s a unique destination that shatters nearly every California-related cliché (e.g., beaches, surf, sand, hot weather) and offers so much more. Below you’ll discover seven very compelling reasons to visit Mammoth […] Click to Read This Article

What Mammoth Mountain’s Capacity Limits Means for Visitors

Mammoth Capacity Limit

Mammoth Mountain and Mammoth Lakes were never more excited to welcome back visitors than when this season started, but if you’ve been to Mammoth Mountain this year then you know that this winter is unlike any other. Mammoth Mountain and all of Mammoth Lakes are doing their best to welcome visitors back with open arms, […] Click to Read This Article

Where Can I Get Tickets to Mammoth Mountain during COVID-19?

Mammoth Mountain plans to welcome guests and visitors during the 2020-21 ski/winter season. In fact, the area is now officially open. If you have plans to go, you may have concerns about how coronavirus could affect your access to the various amenities and Mammoth features. Today, the friendly folks at ASO Mammoth, your one-stop shop […] Click to Read This Article

Can I Visit Mammoth Mountain during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

How Can I Visit Mammoth Mountain during the Coronavirus Pandemic in Mammoth Lakes, CA

Like many other popular destinations in California and elsewhere, Mammoth Mountain has been affected by COVID-19. If you have plans to make your way here, the good news is Mammoth Mountain opened for the 2020–2021 winter season on November 13th. Here’s what you need to know about how to enjoy this beautiful and inviting region […] Click to Read This Article