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Huge Selection of Mountain and Family Bicycles

Looking for Mammoth Mountain bike rentals to race down the mountain or take a casual mountain bike ride through town? Alpine Sports has you covered! Offering one of the largest selections in Mammoth, we welcome all ages to come and enjoy! The Mammoth bike trails start only a few feet from our store!

Bike Rentals

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MOUNTAIN E-BIKES: KHS 6555 + VOLTAIC$110.50Register Now
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*Basic bike helmet included with all rentals.

Scott Genius 730
If you’re looking for the best all-around mountain bike the Genius 730 is for you. Ready to help you race down the mountain, jump over rocks and streams or just make a steady climb up the hill this bike will have you covered for your next adventure.

Scott Genius Lt 720 plus
Our top downhill bike, this model is ready to take you racing down the hill and onto a long journey. Deigned with comfort and agility this bike is ready for you to speed down Mammoth and find a longer path.

Scott Gambler 720
With a custom Fox racing suspension and components designed from the World Cup, this our the fastest downhill bike. Ready to help you speed down the mountain, its cleaver design and advanced technology will have you waiting for the rest of your friends at the bottom.

Scott Aspect 960
Only make it up to Mammoth a couple times a year or still exploring your mountain biking skills? The Scott Aspect 960 offers all around agility and ease. This light weight bike is designed for efficiency will help you explore and love Mammoth.

Scott Contessa Scale 730
The Scott Contessa is one of our favorites for an all-around fun ride. This hard tail mountain bike, features brakes and tires for a good grip and smooth stop, and a light frame designed for comfort and ease on both long roads or a bumpy trail.

KHS SixFifty 6500
High-end full suspension trail bike. Great for a smooth confident ride. If you’re a frequent rider our just want to have a good ride to the lakes on a local trail, this is the bike for you.

KHS SixFifty 3500
This bike is prepared to dominate on smooth and technical trails alike. Featuring a light, double button aluminum frame its designed to respond to your every move over rocks, in between trees and on your journey. If you’re ready to shred, its ready for you.

KHS SixFifty 3500
Our all-around cross country bike features all that you’ll need on a longer ride. Featuring a 9-speed drivetrain it handles quick with precise shifting. Having smooth hydraulic disk brakes and combination thread tires, this bike is an all-around good ride to take anywhere in Mammoth or on your next adventure.

KHS Raptor
The Raptor is known for one thing, speed! If you’re looking to get around Mammoth quick or take a fast ride down the country roads this bike is for you. With quick handling and agility this bike is meant for less rugged terrain and more for a fast road experience.

This easy to use T-Rex is perfect for a fun ride up to the lakes or on your favorite fire roads. With a reliable steel frame and low tubing for easy dismounts, this is the perfect bike for a fun, comfortable ride.

KHS Zaca
Offering a sturdy steel frame and light-weight aluminum wheels this 21-speed drivetrain can help you get up any trail. Featuring a smooth all-season breaking system this bike is ready to take you where you want to go year-round!

When your kiddo is ready to keep up with the big kids this is the bike for them! Featuring 24-inch double alloy wheels and large trail gripping tires, this bike is perfectly proportion for smaller riders with some serious speed.

KHS Town & Country SE
This is one of our favorite all-around bikes. It holds up to all of our key categories; comfortable, lightweight and ready for anything! Its suspension-fork design, padded seat post and aluminum frame makes it perfect for agility, to make quick turns and ride in comfort.

KHS Four Season 300
If you’re looking for a bike that can crush everything year-round, you may have just found your match. Highlighting wider, fat tires, this bike can go over almost anything previously reserved for your hiking boots. Offering all-season disk brakes, this bike has become one of the most popular styles on the market and handles great on snow.

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