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Looking for Mammoth Mountain bike rentals to race down the mountain or take a casual mountain bike ride through town? ASO Mammoth has you covered! Offering one of the largest selections of electric bikes, mountain bikes & enduro bikes in Mammoth, we welcome all ages to come and enjoy! The Mammoth bike trails start a few feet from our store!

We offer a wide selection of suspension, hard tail, mountain and family bicycles for rent and purchase. We carry bikes, helmets, accessories and are the only year-round bike repair shop in Mammoth. Just register online and we will make sure to find the perfect bike for your size and desired trail experience.

*Basic bike helmet included with all rentals.

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19 sixfifty 6555 plus 1200“Ride This E-bike and Charge Everything from Mellow Trails to Technical Rock Gardens”

E-Bike KHS 6555 Electric Mountain Bike
Thanks to the 6555+ E’s double-butted carbon frame and the Shimano E8000 electric motor, this bike is sturdy enough to ride over whatever rocks, bumps, or jumps, you throw at it while also giving you an extra push to the summit. Typically that kind of stability and power comes at the cost of maneuverability, but with the 6555+ E KHS has made a well-balanced trail bike with the precision steering and responsiveness needed for the most difficult trails.

Rent a Comfort E-Bike“Excellent Commuter on Paved Roads, Light Trails, Dirt Roads & Around Campgrounds”

Although the Extended’s relaxed aluminum frame makes it an excellent commuter on paved roads, the front suspension fork also allows for light trail riding such as the dirt roads and trails in and around campgrounds. Add in the Aikema 250-Watt motor that hugs the front wheel, and you have a versatile but classic looking bike that can reach 20 mph and ride up to 40 miles.

Rent an E-Bike in Mammoth“A Steady & Comfortable Ride… a True Commuter Bike… and KHS’s Ultra Comfort Saddle”

E-Bike KHS ENVOY 200
If you’re sticking to pavement and are looking for a steady and comfortable ride, then look no further than the Envoy 200. The Envoy is a true commuter bike with twin fenders to keep you clean and dry, non-slip platform pedals, and KHS’s ultra comfort saddle. The only thing that can make this city bike’s ride any smoother is the Aikema 250 Watt Motor that provides peddle assist for 2 hours of run time.

Rent the 2019 KHS Zaca Black 1200“Speed & Stability… the Zaca Excels at Both. Roll quickly over rocky surfaces.”

Front Suspension KHS ZACA
Speed and stability are the name of the game for cross country bikers, and the Zaca excels at both. Although the Zaca’s light alloy frame and 29×2.1 tires allow it to roll quickly over rocky surfaces, the regular sized stem is actually a little short, allowing the rider to sit in a more stable position. Plus, the Zaca comes with reliable Bengal cable disc brakes that perform even at high speeds.

Best Bike Rentals Mammoth“Relax While You Ride, and the Wide Tires Will Keep You Steady the Entire Time…”

Looking for a comfortable bike ride around town? The KHS Town & Country’s frame and 95 mm rise handlebars require you to relax while you ride, and the wide tires will keep you steady the entire time. That’s not all though, as the alloy frame and rims help keep this bike lightweight so you can haul, roll, or carry this comfortable road bike everywhere you go.

2015 Sixfifty 200 Black 1200 for Rent“Puts Riders in the Perfect Position to Charge Hills & Pedal Through Steep Grades”

Front Suspension KHS SIXFIFTY 200
The SixFifty 200 is a classic cross country bike with a longer stem and 30 mm rise handle bars that put riders in the perfect position to charge hills and pedal through steep grades with power. The SixFifty has no trouble rolling, but it also has responsive Bengal cable disc brakes that make this cross country bike well-rounded and reliable.

Rent a KHS 18 Raptor 20 Mountain Bike“Get Around Mammoth Quick or Take a Fast Ride Down the Country Roads”

Standard KHS Raptor
The Raptor is known for one thing, speed! If you’re looking to get around Mammoth quick or take a fast ride down the country roads this bike is for you. With quick handling and agility this bike is meant for less rugged terrain and more for a fast road experience.

Rent a KHS T-Rex Mammoth Mountain“Perfect For a Fun, Comfortable Ride Up to the Lakes or on Your Favorite Fire Roads “

Front Suspension
This easy to use T-Rex is perfect for a fun ride up to the lakes or on your favorite fire roads. With a reliable steel frame and low tubing for easy dismounts, this is the perfect bike for a fun, comfortable ride.