Are there Dog Leash Laws in Mammoth Lakes?

The only thing better than outdoor activities in Mammoth Lakes is sharing the joy of spending time outside with those you love. That’s why bringing your dog to Mammoth Lakes and letting them experience the mountain air is an unforgettable experience. However, if you want to do so safely and responsibly, then you’ll need to know about leash laws in Mammoth Lakes.

Read the ASO Mammoth guide to leash laws in Mammoth Lakes below before bringing your dog to town. Once you get here stop by the ASO Mammoth shop for the best ski rentals and outdoor gear in Mammoth Lakes!

Mammoth Lakes Leash Laws 

When you’re in town or on any trail or natural area in Inyo National Forest, dogs must be on a leash 6 feet or shorter that restricts their freedom to roam at will. That means that on trails, sidewalks, or lakeshores, dogs should be on a leash until on private property.

Besides the fact that it is the law, there are several reasons to keep your dog on a leash while out and about in Mammoth Lakes.

Wildlife Safety

You can’t predict what wildlife you’ll encounter outside in Mammoth Lakes, even when you’re in a developed area with many people around. If your dog isn’t on a leash then you can’t control how they’ll react to wildlife, so it’s vital to everyone’s safety that your dog stays on a leash.

Dogs may chase and stress small wildlife, and if they catch it then they could seriously injure it or themselves. Large wildlife like bears are also serious threats to dogs since they can easily injure or kill them if threatened. In fact, a quick search for wildlife attacks will show you that many began when an unleashed dog came across large wildlife and their owner was unable to reign them in before it was too late.

Your safety, your dog’s safety, and wildlife’s safety are all put in jeopardy when you let your dog off leash in wild places like Mammoth Lakes. Follow leash laws so everyone stays safe!

Environmental Impact

Dogs love to explore their environment. Unfortunately, in natural areas that can mean destruction of natural habitat just as it does with people wandering off trail. Off leash dogs can be especially harmful if they engage in behaviors that come naturally to them like chasing small wildlife or digging holes.

Of course, one dog being off leash won’t have a massive environmental impact. But if every dog that visits Mammoth goes off leash then they certainly will. Keep your dog on leash to protect what makes Mammoth worth visiting.

Other Important Etiquette

Always pick up after your dog when they’re using the bathroom in public areas like trails or sidewalks. Just like with their impact on the environment, if every dog who visits Mammoth leaves behind their droppings then they will have a major impact on everyone and everything who lives here!