What’s New at Mammoth Mountain for 2024?

People come to Mammoth Mountain because the area’s high elevation and natural geography deliver serious snowfall year after year. However, the mountain is far from the same mountain from season to season, and what’s new at Mammoth Mountain for 2024 proves it.

Check out ASO Mammoth’s guide to what’s new at Mammoth Mountain for 2024!

Chair 16 Upgrade

Storms that drop snow by the foot are what make a once in a lifetime day on the slopes. They also make for long lift lines and dangerous weather that could shut down lifts. Mammoth Mountain’s Chair 16 upgrade aims to imporove both issues.

Chair 16 sits just above Canyon Lodge and accesses several intermediate runs. It also drops riders in the center of the mountain. Both features make Chair 16 one of the busiest lifts at Mammoth Mountain. Mammoth Mountain made big changes in the offseason to make it move faster and more reliably. They include-

  • Upgrading from a quad chair to a Doppelmayr D-Line Series 6-Pack detachable high-speed chairlift that provides 25% more uphill capacity.
  • Enclosed top and bottom terminals which can hold the chairs inside during storms to create faster openings after heavy snowfall.
  • An automated loading conveyor belt for more timely loading.
  • A northern alignment to reduce snow slide from the nearby Avalanche Chutes.

Wooly’s Tube Park

Wooly’s Tube Park is in the middle of an expansion that will take place over the next 2 years. By the end of the cycle, Wooly’s will be home to summer tubing lanes for year-round tubing, a new Wiegand Alpine Coaster, and a 6,000 sq ft. day lodge.

The day lodge will include concessions, restrooms, and indoor dining areas so you can make a full day out of tubing at Wooly’s!

Snowmaking System Upgrade

Mammoth doesn’t have any issues when it comes to snowfall, but they’ve upgraded their snowmaking system to make their capabilities even stronger. Although purchasing 22 new SMI Super Puma fan guns, 15 HKD Klik snowmaking guns, and replacing new air and water pipes may not mean much to the average skier, when the mountain has more snow earlier in the season skiers will certainly appreciate the upgrades to the snowmaking system.

Other improvements have been made around the mountain like improved WiFi service, more restrooms, and new tuning equipment to improve the Mammoth Mountain experience.