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Repairs and Waxes

Ski and Snowboard Repairs in Mammoth Lakes

We have a group of awesome specialists that can help you with any repairs that need to be made to your snowboard, skis, or mountain bike. When it comes to snowboards and skis, a rail could come loose, get dull, or even puncture. Whatever the issue, we got you covered. We also offer affordable iron and machine waxes to get you to your maximum speed and performance. Whether you’re on a bike, skis, or snowboard, we want you rippin’ Mammoth Mountain safe and sound.

Snowboard  & Ski Wax and Repair Services

Service Price
Machine Wax $5.00
Hand Wax $15.00
Base Grind
-Additional $10 for more severe repairs
 $15.00 – $25.00
Base Weld $10 per/inch
Mount Drill $60.00
Mount Track $25.00
Full Tune
-Additional $10 for more severe repairs
$50.00- $60.00