What to Do When There is Wildfire Smoke in Mammoth Lakes During Your Camping Trip

Threatening wildfire smoke in mammoth lakes

It’s hard to go wrong when it comes to camping in Mammoth Lakes, but when you’re trying to camp during a pandemic and an unprecedented wildfire season it gets much easier. Still, that didn’t stop a few members of the ASO Mammoth team from heading out into the wilderness for a much needed camping trip […] Click to Read This Article

What You Need to Know About Dispersed Camping in Mammoth Lakes

dispersed camping

When you think of camping in the wilderness surrounding Mammoth Lakes, you probably don’t think of crowded campsites and a packed reservation system, but that’s what you’ll find in Mammoth Lakes’ most popular campsites during the summer and fall months. Mammoth Lakes attracts visitors from all over the world year-round, so camping in the most […] Click to Read This Article

6 Essential Guidelines for Camping at Mammoth

Mammoth Lake CA Camping

Camping in the Mammoth Lakes area presents many possibilities for both beginning and seasoned campers. It’s a great, expansive place that offers plenty of campgrounds and ideal spots to pitch your tent and gaze at the stars. But if you’re new to camping or simply unfamiliar with camping in Mammoth Lakes, the helpful folks from […] Click to Read This Article