How To Fall on When Skiing and Snowboarding

No one plans on falling, but it happens to everyone no matter how good they are. The good news is that you can minimalize the damage a fall does to your body by falling with proper technique. It may sound funny to think about technique when falling, but the team at ASO Mammoth knows that […] Click to Read This Article

Where Are the Ski Patrol Stations on Mammoth Mountain?

Although many skiers and snowboarders have bad memories of ski patrol clipping lift tickets, the Ski Patrol exists to keep everyone on the mountain safe and ready to ride again tomorrow. Plus, if you or someone riding with you has an accident or is having an emergency, ski patrol will quickly become your best friend […] Click to Read This Article

Simple Safety Protocol for Driving Up Mammoth Mountain

Mammmoth CA Road winter

Mountain Safety is imperative when driving in potentially dangerous weather conditions. If you’re not familiar with driving over black ice or in snowstorms, this article may benefit you when cruising up to the slopes this winter. There are a handful of ways to get up to Mammoth Mountain; California US 395, California 203, California 120, […] Click to Read This Article