Basic Tips for Lake Fishing

Fishing Licenses in Mammoth Lakes

Fishing is definitely an activity to consider when visiting a scenic location like the Mammoth Lakes Basin. Whether you prefer to fish at the popular Twin Lakes, the sprawling Lake Mary, or the smaller Lake Mamie, you may be wondering just how to go about catching a fish in one of these lakes—or any lake, … Read more

ASO Mammoth’s Fly-Tying Basics

If fly fishing is your outdoor sport, then you’re at least a little obsessed with flies. After all, there are several important components of a fly-fishing setup but nothing is as important as the fly itself. As a result, there are just about as many fly varieties on the market as there are fish in … Read more

ASO Mammoth’s Basic Fly Fishing Gear Guide

No matter what your outdoor sport of choice is, at the end of the day they’re all about the same basic thing: enjoying time spent outside. When you’re somewhere with as much scenic beauty as Mammoth Lakes, even just driving around town with the windows down is an enjoyable way to spend time outside. Still, … Read more