The Best Events Happening this November in Mammoth Lakes

It’s finally here. The 2023/24 winter season has arrived and there is nothing but snow in the forecast. Alright, winter isn’t here yet, but Mammoth Mountain’s opening day is one of the best events happening this November in Mammoth Lakes. That alone is worth coming to town to check out. Along the way, you’ll enjoy the […] Click to Read This Article

What to do in Mammoth Lakes During October 2023

This is it! We’re officially into fall, and if you don’t know why fall is one of the best times to visit Mammoth Lakes then it’s time to change that. The leaves are changing and soon the trails and lakes will be covered with ice and snow. Check out what to do in Mammoth Lakes […] Click to Read This Article

What You Need for Fishing from a Paddle Board

If you’re visiting Mammoth Lakes, then you’re doing so to get outside and enjoy the pristine Sierra wilderness that we’re lucky enough to call home. In summer, that means fishing for many people, but many of the lakes in Mammoth Lakes are too small for boats or are simply inaccessible to boats. In that case, […] Click to Read This Article

The Best July 2023 Events in Mammoth Lakes

When the heart of summer rolls around, there’s no better place to be than Mammoth Lakes. Even though Mammoth Lakes is known for world class skiing and snowboarding and huge winter snowfall totals, Summer is just as spectacular. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then now is the time to change that. These […] Click to Read This Article

What’s Happening this 4th of July in Mammoth Lakes

We celebrate America every 4th of July with barbecues and fireworks, but there’s no better way to appreciate our country than by exploring its wilderness! America’s wilderness areas are its backbone, and there’s nowhere better to enjoy and explore them than Mammoth Lakes. Mammoth Lakes has the Lakes Basin where you can cool off and […] Click to Read This Article

The Best Mammoth Lakes Events for June 2023

Have you ever thought about skiing in the morning then attending a summer music festival in the afternoon? If you have, it was probably in your dreams. However, this June exactly that will be possible in Mammoth Lakes. Check out our list of the best Mammoth Lakes events below to see what we mean. Then, […] Click to Read This Article