The Difference Between Snow Chains and Cables

multiple cars on a snowy road using snow chains

It’s easy to get tunnel vision when planning your trip to Mammoth Mountain due to the sublime terrain and snow that awaits you. Your focus can get even narrower if a storm forecast for the area makes you start to imagine making turns in legendary Mammoth Mountain powder. If your tunnel vision gets too narrow […] Click to Read This Article

The Difference Between Winter Clothes and Ski and Snowboard Apparel

The Difference Between Winter Clothes and Ski and Snowboard Apparel anne nygard unsplash

We want everyone to love their time at Mammoth Mountain as much as we do here at ASO Mammoth, but new skiers and snowboarders who haven’t caught the snow bug yet are our priority. Between all of the new gear, stiff learning curve, and cold weather, new skiers and snowboarders have more than enough to […] Click to Read This Article

Are You Taking Kids Skiing for The First Time? Here’s What You Need to Know

Kids Skiing

If you’ve tried to learn how to ski or snowboard as an adult, you know how fortunate children who learn to ski and snowboard are. Whether it’s because they bounce back from a fall easier than an adult or are less afraid of falling, kids often pick up skiing and snowboarding quickly, and once they […] Click to Read This Article

What Are the Typical Snow Levels at Mammoth?

Lovely Mammoth Lakes, CA, appeals to winter sports enthusiasts from around the world. Snowboards, snowshoes, and skis provide fun ways to travel through snowy landscapes in this scenic area during the winter. The extent of the annual snowfall in Mammoth matters to residents and visitors alike. The experts from ASO Mammoth, where you’ll find everything […] Click to Read This Article