Do You Need to Wear a Helmet While Snowboarding and Skiing?

The simple answer is yes. You Should always wear a helmet while skiing or snowboarding.

With all the information available that supports wearing a helmet you should already know that. If you’re reading this though, then you’re either new to the sports and don’t know or are an experienced skier or snowboarder who has ridden without a helmet before and is now considering adding one to your gear. To help inform your decision, the ASO Mammoth team has listed only a few of the most important reasons you should wear a helmet while skiing or snowboarding. Check them out below, and if you still have any questions about helmets then stop by our shop before you visit Mammoth Mountain!

Even the Best Riders Fall

No matter what type of riding you do or how long you’ve done it, chances are that you’ll fall on your next trip to the mountains. Whether it’s because of icy conditions, a hazard that you don’t see, or just an edge that sends you to the ground, falling is a certainty. That’s if you’re an experienced rider. If you’re new to skiing or snowboarding then falling is an absolute certainty.

It’s easy to think since you won’t be riding fast as a beginner that your falls won’t be bad enough to necessitate a helmet. However, even a fall while standing still can result in a head injury that sends you home.

It doesn’t matter if you’re riding soft powder in the backcountry or corduroy near the lodge, you will fall, so make sure you have a helmet on your head while skiing and snowboarding.

Accidents are Out of Your Control

Even if you were a perfect rider who never fell, all of the other people skiing or snowboarding around you are not and could cause you to fall and hit your head. There’s no controlling that.

For example, no matter how often you check over your shoulder before cutting across a slope or entering a high traffic zone there’s no stopping someone else who is out of control or not paying attention from cutting you off and causing you to fall. You could also be hit by someone who has lost control while waiting in a lift line. It doesn’t matter if you fall or collide with someone else, your head will be better off if you’re wearing a helmet when it happens.

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Head Injuries Can Happen When You’d Least Expect it

You can’t control how other people ride or the conditions you’re riding in, so an accident that results in a head injury could occur at anytime.

You might be slowly riding through soft powder on a tree run with no one around you and think that you’re safe from a head injury, but if you graze a branch that sends snow and ice falling then you could end up with a head injury without even falling. Accidents and the potential for head injuries can happen when you least expect it, so always wear a helmet to prevent head injuries.

They’ll Allow You to Push Your Riding

If you love to ride the park then you’ll know how important it is to wear a helmet when trying a new trick, but even if you’re a beginner then helmets can help you push your riding further by simply allowing you to feel more comfortable while you nail down your skills. Plus, most ski schools will require you to wear a helmet while taking a lesson, so if you want to learn from the best then you will need a helmet!

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