Can I Expect to See Snow in May at Mammoth?

Is There Still Snow at Mammoth in May in Mammoth Lakes, CA

Mammoth Lakes is one of America’s most versatile, unique tourist destinations. Both seasonal visitors and locals are happy to take advantage of the snow in California. Mammoth’s robust winter season brings out classic ski town enthusiasts for all sorts of activities. As snow tapers off in March and gives way to a warm climate by […] Click to Read This Article

How to Pack for Your Spring Trip to Mammoth Mountain

What to Pack for Your Spring Trip to Mammoth Mountain in Mammoth Lakes, CA

Before you take off on that spring trip to Mammoth Mountain, make sure you’re adequately prepared. Equipping yourself properly is the best way to make the most of your weekend. The mountain sports experts from ASO Mammoth—your top choice for snowboard, ski, and mountain bike rentals in Mammoth—offer the following advice about how to pack […] Click to Read This Article

What You Need to Know About Driving to Mammoth Mountain in Spring

Driving to mammoth in spring

When the snow starts falling on Mammoth Mountain, there’s only one thing that can keep people driving to the mountain from all over the Western United States. More snow. Although Mammoth’s high elevation and remote location result in legendary snowfalls, it also means the same snow that brings people to the mountain can block the […] Click to Read This Article