How to Tell if You Need to Replace a Damaged Ski or Snowboard

After renting as much ski and snowboard gear as we do at ASO Mammoth, we’ve learned that gear isn’t just a monetary investment.

Like a good pair of boots, you get used to a board or set of skis, and after riding them for long enough you rely on them to have a great day on the mountain. That’s why it’s easy to understand being hesitant to replace your board or skis. Still, at the end of the day every piece of gear you own is going to be replaced at some point, and the team at ASO Mammoth wants to help you know when it’s time to move on. Check out our list of important questions to ask yourself when your skis or snowboard get damaged.

What Happens When You Flex?

Flex is a vital part of any ski or snowboard’s performance. In fact, it’s one of the main things many skiers and snowboarders consider when choosing what gear to buy, so if your gear’s flex is affected by a gash or any other damage then you know it’s time to move on.

What we mean is if the damaged area is in a place that requires flexibility, such as near the tail or center of your board, then you can bet the damage is only going to get worse as your ride. If the board flexes like normal, you may be able to seal up the damage and ride until something worse happens. If there is grinding or any kind of unusual resistance, then chances are your gear is damaged to the core and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. While you still may need to ride down the mountain after an accident, consider that the gear could break further underneath you and adjust your riding appropriately.

Is The Core Exposed?

If the core of your board or ski is exposed, then you need to do whatever possible to keep it dry and seal it as soon as possible. Some damage is too extensive to fix with a simple seal though, and if there is too much to seal up and the core of your board or ski is getting wet then it is only a matter of time before if cracks further.

Once again, you have the option to ride a piece of gear with an exposed core and it could perform well, but know that the clock is ticking and sooner than later you will need new gear. Plan appropriately so you don’t miss any time!

Is The Edge Intact?

The edge of your snowboard or ski is the piece of metal on the side that allows you to grip and carve your way down the mountain. If your edge gets busted from a collision with a piece of wood, metal, or even from just over onto a hard surface, you’ll notice it when riding and if the damage is bad enough your core will be exposed and ruined. Fortunately, edges can be sealed and sharpened so if your edge is busted seal it as soon as possible to prevent your riding from taking a hit and further damage. If the edge is too damaged to seal properly, then the clock is ticking on when you’ll need new gear so plan appropriately and keep an eye out for deals! If these questions didn’t help you decide whether your gear is salvageable, bring it into ASO Mammoth where we are happy to help with all your winter sports needs! Plus, if your ski or snowboard is too damaged to ride on there’s nowhere better to find new gear to purchase or rent than ASO Mammoth!

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