Are Skiing Accidents Common?

How Common Are Skiing Accidents in Mammoth Lakes, CA

Skiing is a wonderful outdoor activity that can be enjoyed no matter what your skill level is. Still, there are about 45 serious ski-related injuries each year, according to the National Ski Areas Association, so it’s worth going over just how common skiing accidents are and what you can do to stay safe if this […] Click to Read This Article

How the COVID-19 Capacity Limit Has Affected Lift Lines at Mammoth Mountain

lift line at mammoth mountain

If there’s one thing you can predict when it comes to COVID-19, it’s unpredictability. We’ve come a long way from when the virus shut down ski mountains all over the world and spelled an early end for the 2019/20 winter season. However, ski mountains and the rest of the world are still figuring out the […] Click to Read This Article

The Difference Between Winter Clothes and Ski and Snowboard Apparel

person in ski apparel carrying a snowboard

We want everyone to love their time at Mammoth Mountain as much as we do here at ASO Mammoth, but new skiers and snowboarders who haven’t caught the snow bug yet are our priority. Between all of the new gear, stiff learning curve, and cold weather, new skiers and snowboarders have more than enough to […] Click to Read This Article

What Level of Ski Is Right for Me?

Should I Get Beginner or Intermediate Skis in Mammoth Lakes, CA

Skiing at a popular destination like Mammoth Mountain can be a refreshing and enjoyable experience for skiers of all skill levels. But there are some important decisions you’ll need to make as you prepare to ski, especially if you’re still fairly new to this particular activity. If you’re weighing your options between beginner and intermediate […] Click to Read This Article