Can I Burn Fat by Skiing?

Definitely not a passive activity, skiing involves virtually constant movement, and it targets several key muscle groups in the body. To quickly answer the question posed above, skiing does burn excess calories—or “fat”—by boosting the conversion of what’s consumed into energy. Keep reading to learn more about the fat-burning capabilities of skiing and what you’ll […] Click to Read This Article

Top 5 Reasons Cross-Country Skiing Is Good for You

Benefits of Cross-Country Skiing in Mammoth Lakes, CA

As you navigate mountainous, snow-covered terrain like what’s found in the Mammoth area, you’ll be relying on your body’s strength and your ability to use the force of gravity to your advantage when cross-country skiing. What’s more, you’ll be enjoying the many appealing benefits this particular activity has to offer, some of which can continue […] Click to Read This Article

COVID-19 Safety and Outdoor Sports Tips

man in blue jacket and black pants hiking on rock mountain during daytime

Anyone who has been to Mammoth Lakes knows that spending time outside in the Eastern Sierra is the perfect escape, and thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic just about everyone could use a trip to the mountains for some outdoor sports. Fortunately, the huge spaces and open air that the great outdoors provide are ideal for […] Click to Read This Article

5 Tips for Spectacular Spring Skiing

guy walking infront of snowy mountain in spring

Mammoth Mountain winters are known for dreamy powder and storms that are better measured in feet instead of inches, but there’s a reason Mammoth stays open and busier than ever throughout the spring. The combination of deep coverage that sticks around well past winter, comfortable weather, and the possibility of a storm that delivers a […] Click to Read This Article

Are Skiing Accidents Common?

mammoth Skiing Accident

Skiing is a wonderful outdoor activity that can be enjoyed no matter what your skill level is. Still, there are about 45 serious ski-related injuries each year, according to the National Ski Areas Association, so it’s worth going over just how common skiing accidents are and what you can do to stay safe if this […] Click to Read This Article

How the COVID-19 Capacity Limit Has Affected Lift Lines at Mammoth Mountain

lift line at mammoth mountain

If there’s one thing you can predict when it comes to COVID-19, it’s unpredictability. We’ve come a long way from when the virus shut down ski mountains all over the world and spelled an early end for the 2019/20 winter season. However, ski mountains and the rest of the world are still figuring out the […] Click to Read This Article

The Difference Between Winter Clothes and Ski and Snowboard Apparel

The Difference Between Winter Clothes and Ski and Snowboard Apparel anne nygard unsplash

We want everyone to love their time at Mammoth Mountain as much as we do here at ASO Mammoth, but new skiers and snowboarders who haven’t caught the snow bug yet are our priority. Between all of the new gear, stiff learning curve, and cold weather, new skiers and snowboarders have more than enough to […] Click to Read This Article