The Best Labor Day Events in Mammoth Lakes

Want to enjoy that last summer holiday before the fall rolls around? Have an itch to head to the mountains? Just want to make the most of your three-day weekend this Labor Day? No matter why you’re coming here, our list of the best Labor Day events in Mammoth Lakes is exactly what you need. […] Click to Read This Article

What You Need to Know About the Red Fire in Yosemite National Park

The Eastern Sierra Mountains and sunny weather make the Mammoth Lakes area an absolute blast during the summer. While low rain, high temperatures, and wilderness make for great outdoor summer adventures, they also make for high fire danger. With the number of people visiting the Eastern Sierra and the current high fire danger, the ASO […] Click to Read This Article

What to Know About the Washburn Wildfire in Yosemite

As much as we love the wilderness that surrounds Mammoth Lakes, even in a place as well cared for as Yosemite National Park there’s always the chance for wildfire in natural areas. That’s exactly what we’ve seen with the Washburn fire that’s currently burning in Yosemite. Yosemite is one of the most popular national parks […] Click to Read This Article

The Best Mammoth Lakes Events this July

Most people know Mammoth Lakes for its epic snowfall and beautiful mountains, but the truth is that Mammoth Lakes gets just as many visitors in the summer as it does during the winter. Many say that people come to Mammoth Lakes for the winters and stay for the summers, and this July’s events show exactly […] Click to Read This Article

Mammoth Lakes Summer Weather and Wildfires Basics

Winter and spring may bring bluebird days and nights next to the fire, but nothing makes as many outdoor activities possible as Mammoth Lakes summer weather. Here at ASO Mammoth we believe that everyone should enjoy the mountain air and summer sun, so we’ve put together a short guide to Mammoth Lakes summer weather below! […] Click to Read This Article

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga at the Mammoth Yoga Festival

There’s rarely a bad time for a yoga session, but when it comes to doing yoga on a stand-up paddleboard on the water things get more complicated. That’s why the Mammoth Yoga Festival taking place from June 16th through the 19th is the perfect time to get comfortable doing yoga on the water! ASO Mammoth […] Click to Read This Article

What You Need to Know About Mammoth Lakes’ Trashy Thursdays

No matter if you’re walking to the store in town or backpacking through the wilderness near Mammoth Lakes, there’s a good chance that you’re doing it with a beautiful view. That’s why so many people love visiting Mammoth Lakes year-round. However, all those visitors mean there’s a greater chance for trash to be left behind. […] Click to Read This Article

Do You Need Wilderness Permits to Camp in Mammoth Lakes?

If you’re reading this, then chances are you know just how beautiful Mammoth Lakes is year-round for everything from skiing and snowboarding to camping and mountain biking. All the mountains, lakes, and trails that make Mammoth Lakes a beautiful place to camp attract millions of visitors though, which means that if we’re all going to […] Click to Read This Article

Mammoth Lakes Best June Events

You can’t spend time in Mammoth Lakes and not want to be outside, but when the calendar hits June the entire town heads outdoors to enjoy the first true summer sunshine of the year. Whether you want a relaxing walk through the wildflowers, a calm yoga session, or a thrilling motocross race, there’s a Mammoth […] Click to Read This Article

Mammoth Mountain’s Legendary Pond Skim – April 17, 2022

What you Need to Know About the Mammoth Mountain Pond Skim It’s easy to love snow when you’re able to call Mammoth Mountain and all its terrain home. In fact, the Mammoth Mountain community loves snow so much that it doesn’t even have to be frozen for us to ski and snowboard on it.  Pond […] Click to Read This Article