What You Need to Know About Step On Bindings

Despite the way it looks when you see an experienced rider carving down the hill, snowboarding feels unnatural to everyone when they’re first learning. As a result, most beginners will jump on anything that makes their learning experience a little bit easier. Step on bindings are a great way to make snowboarding more approachable for […] Click to Read This Article

Ski Lift Tips and Etiquette for Beginners

You rent your ski or snowboard gear. You ride the magic carpet and t-bar lift on the bunny hill while taking lessons until you’re confident that you can ride down the bigger slopes. You decide that you’re ready for the real deal and slide over to the nearest ski lift. Then, you realize that you […] Click to Read This Article

Heading to the Terrain Park for the First Time? Here are the Basics You Need to Know

When you first start sliding down the hill on a snowboard or set of skis, it’s hard to imagine your feet ever leaving the ground or riding over a rail on purpose. However, there’s a reason Mammoth Mountain has five terrain parks with features made for beginners and professionals alike. Terrain parks are designed for […] Click to Read This Article

Should You Listen to Music While Skiing or Snowboarding?

It depends. Yep, that’s really the best flat-out answer we can give you to whether or not you should listen to music while skiing or snowboarding. The truth is that plenty of people listen to music on the slopes with no problems and the right song can make an already fantastic run sublime. That doesn’t […] Click to Read This Article

How to Get Back to Skiing or Snowboarding After an Accident

Falling is a part of skiing and snowboarding. Fortunately, the majority of falls don’t result in injury to any body part other than the ego, but serious accidents that require months of recovery and time away from the mountain do happen. While many of these accidents cause injuries that the skier or snowboarder can physically […] Click to Read This Article

The Most Common Ski and Snowboard Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Missing out on a great day of skiing or snowboarding due to work or other commitments is painful, but missing out on a day on the hill because of an injury sustained while riding is much more painful and much more serious. Although you have a great amount of control over danger while skiing and […] Click to Read This Article