Tips for Social Distancing while You’re Snowboarding or Skiing

Skiing is a popular activity in the Mammoth Lakes area, especially since it’s not unusual for skiing and snowboarding to be possible here for several months during the year. If snow sports have you planning to visit this region during the upcoming ski season, you’ll need to keep social distancing guidelines in mind because of COVID-19 concerns. As for how to social distance properly when skiing or snowboarding, here are some tips to keep in mind, brought to you by the experts at ASO Mammoth, your go-to shop for high-quality Mammoth snowboard rental, gear, and snow safety tips.


Let’s start with getting to the areas where you can ski or snowboard. If you’ll need to take some type of transportation, always wear a mask when you’re in a confined space with other passengers. Shuttle operators in the Mammoth area are also making an effort to limit capacity. You can limit your need to use transportation that puts you in contact with others by choosing a place to stay that’s close to many of the skiing/snowboarding spots. For instance, Mammoth Mountain’s Canyon Lodge is within walking distance of many Mammoth properties.

Skiing/Snowboarding Accommodations

The Village Lodge and the Westin Monache Resort are among the popular places where skiers and snowboarders often stay when visiting the Mammoth area. Social distancing in hotels, lodges, and resorts in the area typically involves being mindful of the 6-foot rule and wearing a mask when you’re around other guests.

The Slopes

Many skiing/snowboarding destinations like Mammoth are limiting the number of people on the slopes at any given time by monitoring lift ticket sales. For instance, Mammoth is only selling lift tickets in advance, since there’s no way to anticipate how many people will buy tickets in person on any given day.

Other Skiers & Snowboarders

Mammoth is home to approximately 3,500 skiable acres. This acreage is a bit more extensive if you include areas where you can safely snowboard. The good news is that all this space makes it much easier to social distance as you ski or snowboard. At the same time, you’ll want to be even more alert when active here by:

• Not clustering around other guests who aren’t in your party when getting ready to ski or snowboard
• Giving other people around you enough space as you get done skiing or snowboarding
• Eyeing the area where you’ll be active so you can safely stay socially distanced from other guests

What to Know Before You Go

Because COVID-related guidelines are subject to change, take some time to find out what’s required with social distancing and other factors before you go skiing or snowboarding in your preferred location. It’s also a good idea to contact the lodge, hotel, or resort where you’ll be staying to see what guidelines they have in place. This can make it easier for you to safely head out and come in after a day of skiing or snowboarding in a way that minimizes contact with other guests. 

If you need advice on how to enjoy the slopes safely during the pandemic, reach out to the experts at ASO Mammoth. We have all the latest information on slope safety measures, and we can hook you up with all the gear you need for an amazing mountain adventure. Whether they need to find out the latest safety updates or rent snowboards in Mammoth, visitors know they can rely on us for great service and expert advice. Come by and see us or give us a call at 760-965-3444.

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