What You Need to Know About Mammoth Lakes’ Trashy Thursdays

No matter if you’re walking to the store in town or backpacking through the wilderness near Mammoth Lakes, there’s a good chance that you’re doing it with a beautiful view.

That’s why so many people love visiting Mammoth Lakes year-round. However, all those visitors mean there’s a greater chance for trash to be left behind. Mammoth Lakes has a plan to change that.

Visitors and locals alike can come together to pick up trash in Mammoth Lakes thanks to the Mammoth Lakes Trails Foundation’s Trashy Thursdays! The ASO Mammoth team has written everything you need to know about Mammoth Lakes Trashy Thursdays below, and we hope to see you there!

Trashy Thursdays Take Place Every Thursday from June to September

Skiers and snowboarders may not believe that Mammoth Lakes is even better during summer, but the fact is that just as many people visit and go even further into the wilderness as in winter.

As a result, the trash they leave behind spreads even further and has an even greater impact on the environment. That’s why it’s incredibly important that everyone who visits Mammoth Lakes helps pick up trash before snow starts falling again.

Trashy Thursdays will always take place from 5 pm to 6 pm, but the location changes each week. Click here to see Trashy Thursday’s locations.

Trash Bags, Gloves, and Grabbers Will Be Provided

All you need to do to participate in Trashy Thursdays is be in the right place at the right time. Trash bags, gloves, and grabbers will be provided to all participants.

However, we recommend planning for being outside just like you would any other day. Make sure you hydrate beforehand and during the event, bring a hat and clothing that will keep you shaded from the sun, and don’t forget your sunscreen!

What Else You Can Do to Clean Up Mammoth Lakes

If everyone who visited Mammoth Lakes followed the Leave No Trace Principles, then there wouldn’t be a need for Trashy Thursdays.

You may not be able to stop people from leaving behind trash while in Mammoth Lakes, but you can control how much you leave behind. Practicing the Leave No Trace Principles not only lessens your footprint on the environment, but it also creates an example for others to follow.

No matter what you see someone else doing, Leave No Trace in Mammoth Lakes!