The Accessories you Need for a Perfect Day on the Lake

Although many people know Mammoth for perfect snow and a long winter season, it’s no coincidence that the town is called Mammoth Lakes.

Between the perfect weather, cool water, and incredible scenery, it’s hard to beat a day on the water in the Eastern Sierra, but after countless days on the water here the team at ASO Mammoth has discovered a few items that can turn your lake day from great to perfect. If you want to figure out the ingredients to a perfect day on the lake or river through countless visits like we have then we won’t blame you, but if you want to get a head start then check out our list of the accessories you need for a perfect day on the water below!

Youth Life Jackets for Peace of Mind

We all know that there’s nothing more important than safety when it comes to children and water, but it’s easy to leave the life jackets behind when enjoying calm inland waters like a lake. Lakes are generally safer than the ocean for swimming, but if you’re bringing a child to a lake then a life jacket will give you peace of mind for those moments when you don’t have your eyes on them.

When looking for a youth life jacket, make sure you shop according to your child’s weight. Youth life jackets are appropriate for children between 8 to 90 pounds and come with different features such as grab handles and head support to keep your child as safe as possible while they’re in the water.

A Tube for True Relaxation

A day on the lakeBeing near the water is relaxing already, but if you want to actually relax on the water then you’re going to need either a boat or a tube. We know which one we prefer, and it doesn’t require gasoline, insurance, or a trailer.

We know that swimming is great exercise, but if you’re looking to relax then tubes are the best way to enjoy cool waters and warm sunshine. Now, you may be thinking that all tubes are the same and that you can pick one up from any outdoors shop in town, but believe it or not some tubes are made better than others. For example, we like Justa Tube because it is hypoallergenic, heat resistant, and durable enough to float down a river in the summer and slide down the snow in the winter.

Sun Protection to Avoid Sunburn

Whether it’s through protective clothing, an umbrella, or sunscreen, you must have some sort of sun protection for a day on the water.

Sun protection is a good idea for any type of outdoor activity, but when it comes to lake days it’s a must because the water can reflect sunlight back at you which means you can get hit from above and below with strong sunlight. Sunscreen and sunglasses are a great start, but we also recommend wearing a hat with broad protection to shield your neck and as much of your shoulders as possible. Not only will proper sun protection keep you from having a sunburn the next day, but it will also keep you cool and able to enjoy your day on the water for longer.

A Dry Bag as an Insurance Policy

If you’re rafting or tubing down a river then a dry bag is a must, but they’re also not a bad idea for a day on a boat or even just on the shore. A good dry bag will give you peace of mind whether you’re fighting rapids or just getting your feet wet on the shore, but make sure you pack and seal it correctly unless you want a bad surprise at the end of the day!

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