How to Plan a Fourth of July Trip to Mammoth Lakes

How to Plan a Fourth of July Trip to Mammoth Lakes

There’s a ton to like about America, but one of the best things about the land we’re lucky enough to call home is the land itself!

The Eastern Sierra Mountains that surround Mammoth Lakes is some of the prettiest land in all of America, so if you want to celebrate America’s birthday somewhere beautiful then there is nowhere better to be than Mammoth Lakes this Fourth of July!

We’ve written what you need to know about celebrating the Fourth of July in Mammoth Lakes below so you can plan your trip today. Check it out and then visit us here at ASO Mammoth once you get into town for all the camping, hiking, and mountain biking gear you need for your Mammoth Lakes adventure!

Book Your Campsites Early

If celebrating the Fourth of July by camping in Mammoth’s Lakes Basin sounds perfect to you, then you’re not alone.

Camping in Mammoth Lakes is popular throughout summer, especially in the most popular areas like the Lakes Basin. However, during holidays like the Fourth of July those campsites are booked well over a month out from the holiday. For that reason, the best way to ensure you get to camp where you want is by booking your campsite as early as possible!

Don’t worry if you can’t find the perfect campsite during peak camping periods in Mammoth Lakes. Just about everywhere is beautiful, and you’ll be spending most of your time away from the campsite anyways!

Consider Dispersed Camping

If you’re an experienced camper who doesn’t mind staying away from developed facilities like bathrooms, then dispersed camping is a great option to avoid crowded camping sites and backlogged reservations.

Many public lands allow dispersed camping, which means you can camp throughout them wherever there are no developed campgrounds or posted signage that says otherwise.

However, that does not mean you can camp without restrictions or care for the area.

Dispersed campers should stick to the Leave No Trace Principles at all times. That means not only packing out everything you pack in, but also following all local rules in the area such as seasonal fire restrictions. 

Although dispersed camping typically takes campers away from developed areas, it’s a great option for experienced campers. Always check for current dispersed camping information in the area where you’re camping before you head out!

Take Advantage of Events in Town

Mammoth Lakes wouldn’t be Mammoth Lakes without the incredible community we’re proud to call home. If you want to experience it this Fourth of July, then check out events in town!

There is the annual Fourth of July parade which takes place from 11 am – 12:20 pm right on Main Street in Mammoth Lakes. This year the Shakespeare Festival will also be taking place through Fourth of July weekend along with several other special deals put on by local businesses! 

The Best Fourth of July Fireworks in Mammoth Lakes

The best way to enjoy fireworks in Mammoth Lakes is by watching the 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular taking place at Crawley Lake.

The sky will be filled with beautiful lights and sounds for a full 20 minutes, but thanks to the incredible fireworks there will never be a dull moment! Admission to the Fireworks spectacular is $25.00 per car, RV, or truck.