The New Mountains on the Ikon Pass for 2023

If you ask us, you don’t need to look any further than Mammoth Mountain for incredible skiing and snowboarding. However, if you’re not able to travel here and you have an Ikon then you may be looking at the new mountains on the Ikon Pass for 2023. If that’s you, then we have you covered […] Click to Read This Article

Should You Wear a Shell Jacket or an Insulated Jacket?

It doesn’t matter how great the snow is. If you’re too cold or too hot then you won’t enjoy your skiing or snowboarding. One of the biggest factors in how comfortable you are on the snow is your jacket, so the ASO Mammoth team has put together a short guide on whether you should wear […] Click to Read This Article

Guide to Riding the Ikon Pass in California

If you’ve heard people talk about California, then you’ve probably heard them say that you can surf and ski in the same day thanks to the diverse geography. If you have the Ikon Pass though, you may not even make it to the coast since there are so many great mountains to ski at. Here […] Click to Read This Article

Guide for Holiday Skiing and Snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain

Holidays mean time away from work and school, which makes them the perfect time to head for the mountains. Unfortunately, the same is true for everyone else, which means places like Mammoth Mountain will be at their busiest around the holidays. That’s why the ASO Mammoth team has put together a quick guide to holiday […] Click to Read This Article

Should Beginners Wear Pads While Skiing and Snowboarding?

Learning to ski or snowboard means falling in the snow. Fortunately for beginners most of those falls will be at slow speeds and on gentle slopes. Still, if taking several falls sounds like it could keep you away from skiing or snowboarding then there is a solution for you. Pads and other protective equipment can […] Click to Read This Article

Tips to Learn to Ski and Snowboard Faster

Playing in the snow is always fun, especially when you’re somewhere beautiful like Mammoth Mountain. Falling in the snow a few dozen times while trying to slide down a slope is not fun though. That’s why the ASO Mammoth Team has put together our best tips for learning to ski and snowboard faster. Check them […] Click to Read This Article

When Does Mammoth Mountain Get the Most Snow?

Any day on the snow at Mammoth Mountain is better than a day off it, but even as much as we love skiing and snowboarding at Mammoth we know that the more snow on the slopes, the better. We’re not alone either. That’s why people from all over the world plan their trips around when […] Click to Read This Article

Can You Ski in Mammoth Lakes on Thanksgiving?

There isn’t much that’s better than spending time with family and friends around a Thanksgiving dinner, but doing so in Mammoth Lakes is just that. We love calling Mammoth Home, but if it’s a place that you come to in order to escape everyday life and enjoy special time with family then Thanksgiving is the […] Click to Read This Article

Outdoor Activities to Stay in Shape for Ski and Snowboard Season

One of the things we love most about skiing and snowboarding is that it’s exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise. Besides the mental benefits of spending time outside in beautiful places, skiing and snowboarding engage a wide range of muscles without making you feel like you’re working out. Of course, when the offseason hits it’s […] Click to Read This Article