Guide for Holiday Skiing and Snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain

Holidays mean time away from work and school, which makes them the perfect time to head for the mountains.

Unfortunately, the same is true for everyone else, which means places like Mammoth Mountain will be at their busiest around the holidays. That’s why the ASO Mammoth team has put together a quick guide to holiday skiing and snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain. Keep reading to see more, then visit ASO Mammoth for the best ski and snowboard rentals in Mammoth Lakes!

December Snow is Hard to Predict

Everyone dreams of having a powder day around Christmas or New Years, and Mammoth Mountain is one of the places where that’s most likely thanks to the high elevation and huge storms that roll through the area.

However, knowing when or if snow will hit Mammoth Mountain is still hard to predict. Plus, during December there’s a good chance that the entire mountain won’t be open since there hasn’t been much time for storms to hit.

If you want to ski or snowboard at Mammoth Mountain on holidays before January, then make sure you check the snow reports and weather forecasts before you head out the door so you know what to expect! 

June Mountain is a Great Option for Crowded Days 

Whether the snow is average or incredible, you can expect big crowds at Mammoth Mountain around winter holidays. While the energy of a crowded day at Mammoth is great to be a part of, if you’re looking for shorter lift lines then you may want to look elsewhere around the mountain.

For example, the backside of the mountain typically has fewer people and shorter lift lines since it is further away from the base lodges. Or, if you don’t mind driving away from Mammoth Lakes then you can travel north to June Mountain.

June Mountain is just a short drive from Mammoth Lakes, has great terrain and snow, and is typically less crowded than Mammoth. To make things even easier, same day tickets from Mammoth Mountain are accepted at June Mountain excluding beginner passes.

Christmas and MLK Weekend are the Busiest Times of Year

Christmas and New Years are often busy times in Mammoth Lakes and on the mountain, but Martin Luther King Weekend is often the busiest weekend of the year since it’s a three-day weekend in the middle of winter.

If you plan on visiting during MLK weekend, then plan for crowds. Also make sure that there are no blackout dates on the tickets or pass you’re using before visiting.

Always Drive with Chains During Winter

Lastly, if you’re visiting during winter make sure you have a set of snow chains in your car that you know how to install and use.

Even if there is no snow in the forecast, snow can roll into Mammoth quickly. If you don’t have chains then you may have to turn around or be stuck in town until the roads clear!