Outdoor Activities to Stay in Shape for Ski and Snowboard Season

One of the things we love most about skiing and snowboarding is that it’s exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise.

Besides the mental benefits of spending time outside in beautiful places, skiing and snowboarding engage a wide range of muscles without making you feel like you’re working out. Of course, when the offseason hits it’s hard to find a similar way to stay in shape.

Fortunately, the ASO Mammoth team has listed a few of our favorite activities to stay in shape for skiing and snowboarding below so you can have fun while also keeping up your mental and physical fitness!

Read all about it below then stop by ASO Mammoth for the rentals and gear you need to make it through the offseason!

Mountain Biking 

If you’re an avid skier or snowboarder, then chances are you either live near mountains or like to spend time in them. If that sounds like you, then mountain biking is a great choice for an offseason activity.

There are places like Mammoth Bike Park that literally combine mountain biking with skiing and snowboarding, but you don’t need a world-class bike park to mountain bike. All you need is a trail, a decent bike, and a helmet. Mountain biking is challenging, especially at elevation, but it will keep your legs strong while also engaging your core. 


Hiking is an even easier way to spend time in the mountains while staying active and in shape ahead of winter. Even if you don’t have mountains near you, you can hike just about anywhere and get the same benefits.

Hiking is great because it’s easy to get into, you can easily control how easy or difficult your workout is, and you’ll keep your legs active and ready for long days on the snow once winter rolls around! 


Skateboarding is a great summer option for snowboarders thanks to the balance required to stay on the board and weave and turn.

Longboarding will be closer to snowboarding, but even a short skateboard will keep you on your toes and balanced over the summer as you wait for snow to fall. Whether you skateboard to throw tricks or longboard to carve on concrete, you’ll be better off for it once the snow starts falling! 


Climbing is another excellent mountain activity, but even if you’re not near mountains you can probably find a gym or boulder outside where you stay active and engaged with a challenging sport.

Climbing focuses on your arms and back, but with proper technique it can also engage your legs just as much. Plus, outdoor climbing allows you to explore your local outdoor scene! 


Wakeboarding has a ton of similarities to snowboarding, and thanks to cable parks you don’t need a boat (or a friend with a boat) to do it!

Wakeboarding combines the balance and technique of snowboarding with water to make for a great summer activity! Plus, if you’re a skier then it may be your best chance to try something similar to snowboarding!