Guide to Riding the Ikon Pass in California

If you’ve heard people talk about California, then you’ve probably heard them say that you can surf and ski in the same day thanks to the diverse geography.

If you have the Ikon Pass though, you may not even make it to the coast since there are so many great mountains to ski at. Here at ASO Mammoth we want everyone to love skiing and snowboarding on the Ikon pass in California to have a blast, so we’ve put together a short guide to just that below!

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Mammoth Mountain

We can’t write about skiing and snowboarding in California without talking about Mammoth since it’s in our backyard.

On top of our natural bias towards Mammoth, it’s also the highest lift-serviced peak in California. That elevation allows for storms that are measured in feet and not inches to hit well into April and snow coverage that keeps the mountain open deep into summer.

Plus, Mammoth’s name isn’t a coincidence since it’s home to 3,500 acres of beautiful and skiable Sierra terrain. 

June Mountain

June Mountain may be just a short drive north of Mammoth Mountain on the eastern side of the Sierras, but it is still a unique mountain with its own distinct culture that everyone should visit at least once.

In fact, some people may prefer June thanks to its laid-back atmosphere, beautiful terrain just next to June Lake, and smaller crowds than you would find at Mammoth. It also doesn’t hurt that kids under 12 ski for free at June Mountain!

Palisades Tahoe 

When you’re talking about skiing and snowboarding in California, it’s impossible to ignore the Lake Tahoe area thanks to its proximity to major cities, beautiful scenery, and incredible terrain.

Accordingly, the Ikon has a huge claim to Lake Tahoe skiing and snowboarding thanks to Palisades Tahoe.  We say huge intentionally, because Palisades Tahoe has over 6,000 skiable acres spread out over two mountains.

All that terrain means you can find whatever type of riding you want at Palisades Tahoe, and then you have the entire Lake Tahoe area to explore and enjoy once you’re done on the snow! 

Alpine Meadows 

When you look at a map of Ikon Pass destinations, you’ll see Palisades Tahoe and Alpine Meadows listed in the Tahoe area. You don’t have to go far from Palisades to reach Alpine Meadows though since Alpine Meadows is the second mountain included in the Palisades area.

Alpine Meadows provides even more spectacular snow, terrain, and views of the Tahoe area, and is a great stop for any winter adventure through Lake Tahoe. 

Bear Mountain

Last but not least, Bear Mountain is the closest Ikon mountain to Los Angeles and one of the most popular places for people who have had enough of endless summer to escape to.

Bear Mountain is an easy day trip from most of Southern California and consists of two mountains, Big Bear and Snow Summit, that offer great Southern California skiing and snowboarding!