How to Choose a Backpacking Tent

Camping can feel way more complicated than simply sleeping outside once you realize that there are mountains of camping gear on the market that are designed to make your camping trip comfortable. Backpacking is the opposite since you only bring what you can carry on your back. Accordingly, choosing a backpacking tent can feel like […] Click to Read This Article

What to Wear for Spring Skiing

Warm weather and no snow storms typically means the end of ski season. When you ski and snowboard at a place like Mammoth Mountain where snowfall regularly tops 400 inches, spring skiing reaches all the way into summer. Of course, we’d be lying if we said spring skiing is the same as winter. It’s warmer, […] Click to Read This Article

What is a Freeride Snowboard?

rent snowboard mammoth

If you love pushing your skills and exploring new types of terrain while snowboarding, then chances are you’ve come across freeride snowboards. The thing is, freeride snowboards are made for a specific style of snowboarding despite having a name that is close to freestyle, which is very different from freeride. Still confused? Don’t worry, the […] Click to Read This Article

Calves Sore from Skiing?

Skiing and snowboarding may look effortless when done well, but the truth is that both are physically rigorous. For some, that means a little soreness the morning after a day on the snow. For others, that means sharp pain in their calves after only a few hours of skiing or snowboarding. We want everyone to […] Click to Read This Article

Should You Worry About Ski and Snowboard Theft?

You do hours of research, visit ski and snowboard shops to find the perfect fit, invest your hard earned money into ski and snowboard gear, and then you leave it unattended at a ski resort? If that sounds strange to you, then you’re probably wondering if you should worry about ski and snowboard theft while […] Click to Read This Article

What to Do if Your Ski Goggles are Fogging Up

When you ski or snowboard somewhere as beautiful as Mammoth Mountain, you want to see the snow, sky, and peaks that surround you. Of course, being able to see the snow also means you can ski with confidence. You can’t do either of those things if your ski goggles are fogging up. The ASO Mammoth […] Click to Read This Article

Should You Ride a Directional or Twin Snowboard?

Should You Ride a Directional or Twin Snowboard? Ready to commit to a snowboard? Great! You’re taking the first step to having the gear you need to make the best of any conditions the mountains can throw at you. The question is, should you ride a directional or twin snowboard? Are you wondering what the […] Click to Read This Article

How to Prepare Your Snowboard or Skis for Winter

Whether snow has hit your favorite mountain already or you’re still waiting for the first storm of the year, if you’re anything like the ASO Mammoth team then knowing that we’re so close to winter has you ready to do absolutely anything related to skiing or snowboarding. If you have snow nearby, then get out […] Click to Read This Article

Should You Wear a Shell Jacket or an Insulated Jacket?

It doesn’t matter how great the snow is. If you’re too cold or too hot then you won’t enjoy your skiing or snowboarding. One of the biggest factors in how comfortable you are on the snow is your jacket, so the ASO Mammoth team has put together a short guide on whether you should wear […] Click to Read This Article