Can You Ski in Mammoth Lakes on Thanksgiving?

There isn’t much that’s better than spending time with family and friends around a Thanksgiving dinner, but doing so in Mammoth Lakes is just that.

We love calling Mammoth Home, but if it’s a place that you come to in order to escape everyday life and enjoy special time with family then Thanksgiving is the perfect time to do so. That’s why we’ve put together a quick guide to visiting Mammoth Lakes on Thanksgiving below. Check it out for tips on skiing and snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain around Thanksgiving, then visit ASO Mammoth for the best ski and snowboard rentals in Mammoth Lakes!

Mammoth Mountain Will Be Open for Skiing and Snowboarding by Thanksgiving 

We get it. Sometimes it’s impossible to see snow, a mountain, and not want to ski or snowboard no matter how early or late it is in the season. If that sounds like you and you’ll be in Mammoth for Thanksgiving, then you’ll have a chance to ski or snowboard.

However, even in a place that gets as much snow as Mammoth, there is typically little snow on the ground and most of the mountain isn’t open by Thanksgiving. You can still have a ton of fun and ride great groomers where man-made snow has been blown, but you’ll have little to no off-piste riding.

Main Lodge Will Likely Be the Only Lodge Open

Accordingly, Main Lodge will probably be the only lodge operating with a few runs above it being the main places to ski and snowboard.

How many runs are open and how high up the mountain they go depends on the weather, but with a scheduled opening date of November 11th, 2022, you can bet on skiing and snowboarding at Main Lodge by Thanksgiving.

Watch for Storms Around Thanksgiving

Even though it’s early in the season, there’s always the chance for a storm that drops major snow on Mammoth Mountain.

If you’re lucky enough to be in town after an early-season storm or soon after then you can expect excellent snow and more runs open. However, don’t expect the entire mountain to be open even if there is snow covering most of it. Some maintenance and grooming may need to be done before more slopes can be opened safely.

Thanksgiving is a Busy Week in Mammoth Lakes  

Although fall is one of the calmest seasons in Mammoth Lakes, the time around Thanksgiving is very busy.

For that reason, we suggest making your dinner and lodging reservations far in advance so you’re not left out cold once it’s time to celebrate.

Bring Chains on Your Thanksgiving Visit

Like we said, early-season storms are always possible, and if you don’t have chains for your car ahead of time then you may end up visiting for much longer than you planned or you may have to turn around before you even make it to town.

You should always carry snow chains that you know how to properly install when visiting Mammoth Lakes during the ski season, and around Thanksgiving is no different!