Should Beginners Wear Pads While Skiing and Snowboarding?

Learning to ski or snowboard means falling in the snow. Fortunately for beginners most of those falls will be at slow speeds and on gentle slopes. Still, if taking several falls sounds like it could keep you away from skiing or snowboarding then there is a solution for you.

Pads and other protective equipment can lessen the impact and chance of injury from a fall, which means you get to ski or snowboard for longer. Plus, they can make you more confident as you learn. That’s why the ASO Mammoth team has written about wearing pads while skiing and snowboarding below. Read all about it, then stop by the ASO Mammoth shop for the best ski and snowboard rentals in Mammoth Lakes!

Wear Pads for Specific Injuries

While there is some protection you should wear all the time like a helmet, you can also wear specific protection for areas of your body that you’ve injured before.

For example, while learning you may fall on your knees several times. If you’ve had a knee injury then that may keep you away from either sport. However, knee pads can lessen the impact on your knees and keep you going for longer.

Even if you’re not a beginner, padding for specific parts of the body you’ve hurt before like knees and wrists can help you be more confident as you ride.

Don’t Sweat Your Pads

If you do wear pads like knee or padded underwear, then you have to consider the extra heat they will add to your body.

Although snowboarding and skiing are done in cold environments, they’re both active sports that will cause your body to sweat. Once that sweat soaks your clothes or gear it will make it harder to stay warm, so if you plan on wearing pads then make sure you have the right amount of layers on top of them so you don’t sweat.

Don’t Lose Mobility Because of Pads 

Although there are pads specifically made for skiing and snowboarding, you can use pads from other sports as long as they don’t take away from your mobility.

For example, volleyball knee pads can be a good way to protect your knees while skiing or snowboarding since they provide protection and don’t keep your knees from moving comfortably.

Try out whatever padding you’re considering before you get on the snow so you know how comfortable it is to move in.

Padded Shorts and Wrists Guards are a Good Start 

Some of the easiest padding and protection to find for skiing and snowboarding are wrist guards and padded shorts.

Padded shorts are a great way to protect your tailbone and hips while learning to ski and snowboard and can keep you on the hill for longer!

Always Wear a Helmet

No matter what you decide to wear while skiing and snowboarding, make sure you include a helmet. Hitting your head on the ground can be dangerous even on a gentle slope at slow speeds, so always wear a helmet!