5 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Skiing

For many, skiing is an enjoyable and exhilarating pastime. Few things are more exciting than sliding down a mountain at high speeds. However, for some people, a trip to the slopes precipitates significant fear that might threaten their enjoyment. Fortunately, reluctant skiers might be able to overcome such fears by adhering to the following five … Read more

Does Skiing Provide a Good Cardiovascular Workout?

If you’re looking for a low-impact form of exercise with cardiovascular benefits, you might want to try skiing. Dr. Josef Niebauer, from Austria’s Paracelsus Medical University, explains skiing boosts cardiac function and blood circulation. The sport also tones the arms and legs. Here’s what you should know about different types of skiing and how they … Read more

Can You Ski Without Poles?

When learning how to ski, you’ll take any advantage you can get if it means staying upright and off the ground. For many green skiers, skiing without their poles seems like one of those advantages. If you’re wondering whether or not you need ski poles the simple answer is that, although there are some exceptions, … Read more