Ikon Pass Extends Renewal Window and Doubles Discount for 19/20 Passholders

Ikon Pass

If you were an Ikon Pass holder this year and were planning to renew your pass for next season, we’ve got good news: Today, Ikon Pass and Mammoth Mountain announced that they would be doubling the discount and extending the renewal window for 19/20 Ikon Passholders interested in purchasing passes for the 20/21 season. In … Read more

Is It a Bad Idea to Ski By Myself?

Is It Bad to Ski Alone in Mammoth Lakes, CA

Skiing can be as physically demanding as it is inspiring. Enjoying the beauty of nature on your own can be enticing. However, this doesn’t always mean skiing alone is a good thing. The snow sports experts from ASO Mammoth, your one-stop shop for top-quality ski and snowboard rental in Mammoth, explain why skiing alone isn’t … Read more

Is 40 Too Old to Learn How to Ski?

That ski trip might have been on your bucket list for years, but you haven’t gotten around to checking it off. Now that you’re 40, you may finally have the resources you need to make your dream come true. Entering your fourth decade of life is a milestone moment, and it certainly doesn’t mean you … Read more

Do You Need to Wear a Helmet While Snowboarding and Skiing?

Wear a helmet

The simple answer is yes. You Should always wear a helmet while skiing or snowboarding. With all the information available that supports wearing a helmet you should already know that. If you’re reading this though, then you’re either new to the sports and don’t know or are an experienced skier or snowboarder who has ridden … Read more

The Rules and Scoring in Ski Jumping [Infographic]

Ski jumping as a competitive sport involves the process of scoring each jump, and there are important rules for the contestants to follow. The following infographic details these aspects of ski jumping. Whether you’re a competitor or a first-timer, skiing can be an exciting experience. If you’re looking for the best prices on Mammoth ski … Read more