What’s Involved in Extreme Skiing?

If you’re a more advanced skier, you may prefer something a bit more challenging than traditional skiing, which brings us to the topic of extreme skiing. If you’re new to the concept or just not exactly sure what it is, read on to learn more about extreme skiing, brought to you by the snow sports experts from ASO Mammoth, the best place to go for Mammoth ski rentals, gear, and high-quality repair services.

Going Off the Beaten Path

Based on a term coined by the French in the 1970s, extreme skiing refers to skiing done away from the well-groomed areas that tend to be common at resorts. Extreme skiing is about heading off-piste to places where you can enjoy challenges that include extreme angles and impressive cliff drops. In fact, Swiss extreme skiing pioneer Sylvain Saudan put the “extreme” in extreme skiing by completing daring jumps and runs along Mont Blanc, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Mount McKinley. In general, extreme skiing refers to any skiing where you’re taking on more challenging runs and terrain.

Preparing for Extreme Skiing

Before you explore the possibilities with extreme skiing, you’ll want to stick to the well-groomed areas and work on your skills. Once you master the red and black runs in these areas, you can give some ungroomed runs a try. You shouldn’t head for the nearest mountain just yet, but you can still enjoy some thrills in a more controlled way.

Next, make your way to some off-piste terrain. Start in areas of this nature that are a bit on the tame side. This way, you still have a safety net as you advance and gain confidence. You’ll then be able to work your way up to more challenging terrain in ungroomed areas.

Make sure you have proper gear, including the right skis. Use wider skis to gain more traction and control. It’s also important to have properly fitting skis, since you’ll be putting more stress and pressure on your skis with extreme skiing than with regular skiing. You’ll also want to dress in layers. Extreme terrain tends to be more exposed to the elements.

Taking Lessons

Larger resorts like Mammoth Mountain offer on-site lessons you can take to brush up on your skills as you prepare for extreme skiing. You’ll also learn important basics such as the difference between groomed and ungroomed terrain. You’ll also learn the specific techniques and moves you’ll need to master to safely and effectively take on more extreme skiing conditions.

You may even be able to have your instructor supervise your first few extreme runs. This will give you a chance to get even more specific advice you can use for future extreme skiing adventures. Lessons can be private at many resorts, or you can sign up for ski school if you prefer to go over a broader range of skills and techniques as you prepare for extreme skiing.

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