What Is the Most Important Gear for Skiing?

Skiing is certainly one of the many fun ways to enjoy the winter season. As you prepare to hit the fresh powder at popular resorts like Mammoth Mountain, it’s important to have everything you’ll need to safely ski to your heart’s content. Below, the snow sports experts from ASO Mammoth, the premier destination for gear, equipment repair, and ski rentals in Mammoth, go over the top skiing essentials.


Let’s start with the most obvious of the skiing must-haves: your skis. Ideally, you want skis that are a good fit for your body type and feet. If you already have skis, take a moment to make sure they still fit and feel comfortable. If you end up needing new skis, you can always rent what you need. This also gives you a chance to try out skis without actually making a purchase right away.

Poles & Bindings

These essentials should fit well with your skis. The poles need to be a size that allows you to safely handle them as you ski. Again, you can always rent poles and bindings, which is a good idea if you’ll also be renting skis.


A good fit is also essential with ski boots. If you have younger skiers coming with you, renting boots may be better, since kids’ feet are still growing. With boots you already have, check for wear and tear. Also, try them on to see how they fit. It’s best to have a fit that’s snug but not too tight. You still need enough flexibility in your boots so your ankles and feet can naturally move and shift as you ski.

Ski Helmet

Avoid the risk of sustaining a traumatic brain injury or other serious injury while skiing with a properly adjusted and well-fitting helmet. Ski helmets come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, so you should be able to easily find something that works well for you.

Jacket, Pants, & Layers

These are the clothing essentials you’ll need for skiing. The jacket should be specifically designed for skiing so it’s light enough but still properly insulated to provide sufficient warmth. Look for moisture-wicking pants so you remain dry as you ski. Lastly, make sure to add some middle layers for extra warmth and comfort.


Ski goggles are designed to keep snow and other debris out of your eyes. This is even more important if you’ll be cross-country skiing, which poses the possibility of brushing up against tree branches. The type of helmet you have will determine how well your goggles fit.

Mittens, Gloves, & Socks

Look for gloves and mittens that are insulated so you’re not dealing with damp hands as you ski. Wear wool socks or socks made of synthetic materials that provide sufficient warmth.


It’s surprisingly easy to get dehydrated when you’re skiing for several hours. Bring a reusable water bottle with you so you remain sufficiently hydrated. Mammoth Mountain has refill stations throughout the resort you can conveniently use to get more water as you continue to ski.

Skiers can have a great time on the slopes at Mammoth if they plan ahead and make sure they have all the right gear. When you come to Mammoth, ski rentals, boots, poles—everything you need to enjoy the sport—are right here at ASO Mammoth, your one-stop shop for all the gear and services you need to have a blast on the mountain. Drop by our shop or give us a call at 760-965-3444.