Mammoth Mountain’s Ski Season Has Been Extended! Here’s What You Need to Know

Mammoth Mountain’s Ski Season Has Been Extended to June 5th!

The team at ASO Mammoth will be the first to tell you that Mammoth Mountain is one of the best places to ski and snowboard in the entire country.

Now that Mammoth Mountain has extended its season into June, we’re sure that everyone will agree with us when we say that Mammoth Mountain is without a doubt the best place for spring skiing in America. If you’re looking to ski and snowboard past Memorial Day, then ASO Mammoth has the information you need to know below.

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Mammoth Mountain’s Ski Season Has Been Extended Until at Least June 5th

Mammoth Mountain’s ski season started out with a bang after one of the snowiest Decembers on record, and that base stuck around all winter long. Add several storms in April and May along with Mammoth Mountain’s high elevation and you get a ski season that goes into June.

Will the season go for longer? Possibly. Stay posted for more information on Mammoth Mountain’s winter operations!

What Are Mammoth Mountain’s Current Operating Hours?

Mammoth Mountain is currently operating from 7:30 am – 2 pm out of Main Lodge. 

What’s Open at Mammoth Mountain Right Now?

Mammoth Mountain is currently operating out of Main Lodge only, but there is still plenty of terrain for you to explore.

At the moment you can take the Panorama Gondola all the way to the summit or access the summit ridge with Chair 23 and take advantage of spring snow on challenging terrain.

That’s not all though. Facelift Express is spinning and dropping skiers and snowboarders above several blue and black runs. Broadway Express is also running out of Main Lodge and dropping riders above several black diamonds that are perfect for riding early in the day as the snow softens up. High Five Express is also running further away from Main Lodge and is perfect for doing laps on the black diamonds between Face Lift Express and High Five.

Of course, Main Park is still open and accessible from Unbound Express, and Stump Alley Express is also running for anyone who would like to park further away from Main Lodge and avoid the spring crowds!

The Best Way to Enjoy Spring Skiing at Mammoth Mountain

During spring, the snow tends to freeze overnight and then thaw as the sun hits it during the day. As a result, the best time to hit the snow is after the sun has softened it up but before it gets slushy.

We recommend riding where the sun hits first during the day, and then once the snow has become slushy explore the rest of the Mammoth Lakes area by hiking, biking, or fishing in the afternoon!