Where to Trail Run in Mammoth Lakes

The best places for trail running combine challenging terrain with beautiful scenery, which means Mammoth Lakes is already a world-class trail running destination.

Add in Mammoth’s high elevation that challenges runners even further, and you can see why people travel from all over the world to trail run in Mammoth Lakes.

All those visitors need help knowing where to run though, so the ASO Mammoth team has created a guide to just that. Keep reading to see where to trail run in Mammoth Lakes, and then stop by ASO Mammoth for the best outdoor gear in Mammoth Lakes!

Mammoth Rock Trail

You don’t have to go far to find excellent trail running in Mammoth Lakes. In fact, Mammoth Rock Trail begins just outside of the center of Mammoth Lakes at Mammoth Creek Park.

The trail runs through the park at a mostly flat incline which makes for an excellent warm-up. Then the ascent begins and continues up for a total of five miles until you reach a panoramic view of the Mammoth Lakes area.

From there you can either take the trail you ran up back down or make a loop back to the park by hopping on Old Mammoth Road and descending on the pavement. Either way, you’re in for an excellent introductory run to the area!

Please remember to not underestimate how challenging the elevation in the area is. Drink plenty of water and ease into trail running in Mammoth Lakes so you can acclimate. That way you’ll spend more time running and lest time resting!

Horseshoe Lake

Looking for something shorter than Mammoth Rock Trail with just as much beauty if not more? Check out Horseshoe Lake in the Lakes Basin.

Horseshoe Lake is at the end of Lake Mary Road, which means to access it you must drive, or run, through the area beforehand. Fortunately, the Lakes Basin is just outside of Mammoth Lakes, is connected by a road and walking path, and is stunning.

The Lakes Basin makes for a great warmup run before you get to Horseshoe Lake where you’ll enjoy a soil path and mountain views for 1.7 miles.

Convict Lake Loop

Convict Lake Loop is another great beginner friendly trail just outside of Mammoth Lakes.

Thanks to its stunning views of the Eastern Sierras and the namesake lake this trail is the perfect place to get your feet under you while trail running in Mammoth Lakes at just 2 miles long. On top of that, Convict Lake is surrounded by other attractions like a marina, resort, and small beach which makes it the perfect place to relax after you exercise!

Dragon’s Back Trail

Want to run all the way to the top of Mammoth Mountain? Dragon’s Back Trail is the shortest route there!

Start at Twin Lakes Trail and then run towards the summit where you’ll be rewarded with sweeping views from Mammoth Mountain’ summit. There is no required fee or permission to run into the ski area on Dragon’s Back Trail!

Mammoth Lakes Trail Running Festivals

Mammoth Lakes is so popular that there are multiple trail running festivals in Mammoth Lakes!

Two of the most popular are Mammoth Trail Fest and Flash Foxy Trailfest. Check them out to get in on the fun!