Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga at the Mammoth Yoga Festival

There’s rarely a bad time for a yoga session, but when it comes to doing yoga on a stand-up paddleboard on the water things get more complicated. That’s why the Mammoth Yoga Festival taking place from June 16th through the 19th is the perfect time to get comfortable doing yoga on the water!

ASO Mammoth has all the gear you need to rent or buy for any outdoor sport, but today we’re sharing information on the stand-up paddleboard yoga sessions at the Mammoth Yoga Festival! Check it out below and stop by the ASO Mammoth shop while for the best bike rentals in camping gear in Mammoth Lakes!

SUP Yoga Will Take Place at Twin Lakes

Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga will be taking place at Twin Lakes in the Lakes Basin during the festival.

The location is accessible thanks to the fact that it’s in the Lakes Basin and is a stunning lake which will make the experience of doing yoga there even more impactful.

Although the schedule has not been released, you can keep track of when the SUP yoga session will take place on the festival’s website as well as on social media!

SUP Gear Will Be Provided for the Yoga Session

Even if you’re experienced at doing yoga while on a paddleboard, there will be a board optimized for yoga ready and waiting for you at the SUP yoga session.

The Yoga Festival does this so that each board is set up to be as yoga friendly as possible as well as to cut down on how much time is needed to prepare in between SUP yoga sessions. If you can’t get enough of stand-up paddleboarding, then stop by the ASO Mammoth shop for fast and easy paddleboard rentals!

Rent an E-Bike to Get Around the Mammoth Yoga Festival

Lastly, we highly recommend renting a bike to get around the Mammoth Yoga Festival as well as Mammoth Lakes in general.

Bikes allow for quiet and environmentally friendly travel, and in a small town like Mammoth Lakes most attractions are easily bikeable. Plus, when you see the Mammoth Yoga Festival’s map, you’ll quickly see that many locations are spread-out all-over town. A bike will make accessing those locations easier than driving and finding a parking spot at each event.

If you rent an e-bike then you’ll have an even easier time getting around town!

If you’re unfamiliar, e-bikes work by supplying a pedal assist which helps the rider push their pedals forward once the bike reaches above a certain speed. The pedal assist allows riders to go further, faster, with less effort, but since they only kick in above certain speeds they’re safe and predictable for people who don’t regularly ride e-bikes.

ASO Mammoth loves e-bikes so much that we carry one of the largest selections of electric bikes in Mammoth Lakes!