Where to Rock Climb in Mammoth Lakes

Climbing in an area you’re unfamiliar with is always intimidating, especially if you’re new to climbing outside.

With a little bit of knowledge though, you can learn where to climb in beautiful places like Mammoth Lakes quickly while staying safe. ASO Mammoth wants everyone who visits Mammoth to get the most out of their time here, so we’ve put together a short guide to where to climb in Mammoth Lakes!

Keep reading, and then visit ASO Mammoth for the best outdoor sport and camping gear in Mammoth Lakes!

A Very Important Note

Even in ideal conditions with experienced climbers, climbing is always a dangerous sport. If you feel less than confident in your skills to climb outside then hire a guide for your first trip, especially if you’re transitioning from climbing indoors.

Horseshoe Slabs

If you’re still getting your feet under you or are climbing with others who are then the Horseshoe Slabs near Horseshoe Lake is the perfect place to start.

Horseshoe Lake is an extremely popular area thanks to its location in the beautiful Lakes Basin and proximity to Mammoth Lakes. On top of all that there are also beautiful beginner friendly top rope, sport, and trad routes. There are also a few boulders in the area, making this a well-rounded spot for any type of climber.

The Catacombs at Crowley Lake

Don’t let the name scare you away from this beautiful bouldering area near Mammoth Lakes.

The Catacombs is a bouldering area past Crowley Lake where boulders range from beginner to expert. On top of boulders fit for climbers of all skill levels, The Catacombs is also full of unique rock formations, views of the surrounding mountains, and winding trails that allow visitors to explore it all.

As a result, The Catacombs are an adventure for climbers and non-climbers alike!

Lake George

Ready to test yourself on serious trad, sport, and alpine routes? Check out the Lake George climbing area!

Like Horseshoe Lake, Lake George is in the Lakes Basin which makes it easy to get to from the city of Mammoth Lakes. Plus, it’s surrounded by trails, lakes, and other attractions that allow most outdoor sports to be done there.

Climbers will enjoy granite walls and beautiful views of the lakes below and mountains beyond on sport and trad routes. On top of that, Crystal Crag is in the area which means multi-pitch alpine ascents.

The only other thing more important than being safe is leaving no trace on the areas you climb in. Lake George is an extremely popular place to climb, so please remember to leave no trace and pick up after other climbers who do if you must!

Clark Canyon

Sport climbers will love the walls of Clark Canyon where there are plenty of bolted routs and challenging moves to test their skills. However, there are also plenty of easier routes in the area making for an all-around great climbing experience!

Take care in driving on the roads leading to Clark Canyon as they can be narrow and require high clearance to pass through safely.

Ground Up Climbing Camp

Need a guide for your family climbing trip or a place where your kids can learn to climb?

Check out Ground Up! They are experienced guides who also run climbing camps for children in the Mammoth Lakes area!