How California’s 2020 Wildfires Have Affected Mammoth Lakes

mammoth Wildfires

Californian’s and the people who love to visit here are used to wildfires between the months of July and October. However, the 2020 fire season stands above all others as the most destructive due to millions of acres burned, dangerous air quality, and damage to homes and businesses despite only being midway through September. There … Read more

What You Need to Know About Dispersed Camping in Mammoth Lakes

dispersed camping

When you think of camping in the wilderness surrounding Mammoth Lakes, you probably don’t think of crowded campsites and a packed reservation system, but that’s what you’ll find in Mammoth Lakes’ most popular campsites during the summer and fall months. Mammoth Lakes attracts visitors from all over the world year-round, so camping in the most … Read more