Where You Can Use Your Ikon Pass at Mammoth this Summer

A winter trip may be the perfect time to fall in love with skiing and snowboarding, but summer is the perfect time to fall in love with Mammoth Lakes.

If you’ve only been to Mammoth Lakes during the winter and don’t know what we mean, then now is the time to change that. To help get the ball rolling, we’ve listed how you can use your Ikon Pass at Mammoth Mountain this summer. Check it out, plan a trip to use your Ikon Pass at Mammoth, and then visit ASO Mammoth for the best deals on outdoor gear rentals in Mammoth Lakes!

Mammoth Bike Park

If you’re unfamiliar with mountain biking, then there isn’t a better place to try it than Mammoth Bike Park since Ikon Pass holders get 20% off bike park tickets.

Plus, Mammoth Bike Park is home to everything from beginner friendly trails and bike rentals that will allow anyone to get to know the sport to expert trails that only the most skilled mountain bikers will be able to ride.

Don’t forget that Mammoth Bike Park also offers visitors the chance to ride up the ski lifts instead of biking to the top of the trail.

Sierra Star Golf Course

Want to see if the thin air at high elevation adds a few yards to your drive? The only way to find out is to use your Ikon Pass to get 20% off peak times at Sierra Star Golf Course.

If you think a vacation isn’t complete without a round of golf, then Sierra Star is a must visit during your trip to Mammoth Lakes. Not only will you enjoy a pristine course with excellent amenities, but you’ll have the ultimate backdrop from the tee box thanks to the Sierras rising in the background.

Scenic Gondola Rides

The only thing better than a view of the Sierras from over 10,000 feet of elevation is a free view of the Sierras from over 10,000 feet. If you use your Ikon Pass at Mammoth this summer, you’ll get exactly that.

The Panorama Gondola carries skiers and snowboarders to Mammoth Mountain’s summit all winter long, but even when the snow melts the Gondola keeps running. During summer that means enjoying a comfortable ride to the top of the mountain for the best view in all of Mammoth Lakes.

Via Ferrata Climbing Tours

Via Ferratas have been a popular way for inexperienced climbers to scale mountains for years, and now Ikon Pass holders can do just that at Mammoth while getting 10% off their climbing tours.

Via Ferratas involve climbing metal rungs bolted into mountainsides while connected via two lanyards that are clipped in each time you step to a new rung. Although they are physically demanding, Via Ferratas are also great ways for people to get a taste of climbing without taking serious risks or needing extensive experience. If that sounds like your type of adventure, then head to Mammoth Mountain now!