Your Guide to Mammoth Mountain’s Ski and Snowboard Teams and Specialty Programs

Thanks to incredible facilities, training grounds, and one of the longest winter seasons on the west coast, Mammoth Mountainhas some of the best and most diverse training programs available to guests out of any mountain in the world. 

Whether you’re just looking for a way for your group of friends to get together every once in a while and learn how to ride the backcountry or you’ve got a child who you can’t keep off the mountain and needs some sort of training program to hone their energy and excitement, Mammoth Mountain has plenty of options for you. 

The team at ASO Mammothhas put together a quick guide to show you just a few of the training and specialty clinics available to you at Mammoth Mountain. Check it out below!

Ski and Snowboard Teams

Starting with children as young as age six, Mammoth Mountain offers a variety of teams that allow skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels to develop their skills to the highest level possible on a full time or part time basis.

Mammoth offers ski and snowboard teams for skiing, snowboarding, and alpine racing that give participants not only access to world class coaches, but world class facilities and the chance to train next to national teams from all around the world who are also taking advantage of Mammoth’s terrain and long season. More information can be found here.

Specialty Clinics

Everyone benefits from being coached closely by a professional, and that’s exactly what Mammoth Mountain’s specialty clinics offer.

For example, every day Mammoth offers an Intro to Backcountry Tour and Backcountry Tour for intermediate to expert skiers to learn backcountry techniques and tips from PSIA-certified instructors and AMGA-certified guides in groups of six. The small group numbers makes it possible to receive one-on-one training hard to find in any other setting.

There are several pieces of required gear and skills to take the backcountry clinic, so before you sign up check out more information here.

Mammoth also offers several multi-day clinics as well. For example, you can sign up for a 2 day park clinic where you can get help landing that one trick you can never pull down or simple tips that make a world of difference, specific techniques to master moguls in a two day mogul clinic, or a three day women’s ski clinic taught by women for women. It is important to note that these clinics have specific dates when they will be taking place instead of by appointment, so find which date works best for you here!

Lastly, Mammoth offers a few season long clinics that are perfect for anyone looking for a personal ski or snowboard coach all season long. Mammoth has two different season long clinics divided by age. For riders between 4 and 10 years old who can independently use lifts, control their speed, and stop there is the mountain rangers program. Children riding with the mountain rangers will have the opportunity to develop their skills while riding all over Mammoth Mountain from December until March in groups separated by their age and skill.

For older riders, Mammoth offers the Performance Development Series where small groups will follow Mammoth Pros all over the mountain developing or pushing their skills while also learning about all the terrain Mammoth has to offer. The Performance Development Series is a great option for groups of friends and family looking to share a season at Mammoth.If you have any questions about Mammoth Mountain, or are in search of ski and snowboard gear to buy or rent, stop by ASO Mammoth on your way up the mountain and we will be happy to help however we can!

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