Where Are the Ski Patrol Stations on Mammoth Mountain?

Although many skiers and snowboarders have bad memories of ski patrol clipping lift tickets, the Ski Patrol exists to keep everyone on the mountain safe and ready to ride again tomorrow. Plus, if you or someone riding with you has an accident or is having an emergency, ski patrol will quickly become your best friend and your best option to get off the mountain safely.

Even with some of the best ski patrol members in the world though, Mammoth Mountain’s size means that an emergency could happen away from ski patrol members leaving you to find the nearest station. To help out, the team at ASO Mammothhas put together a guide to quickly finding ski patrol stations to help you be ahead of the game in case of an emergency or if you just need some mountain information.

To help you get there faster, we’ve divided the list by the lift you would take to get to the stations.

Top of Chair 22 and Chair 25

At the base of Relief and just above Avalanche Chutes you will find a skill patrol station that is accessible from Chair 22 and Chair 25. The station at the top of Chair 25 and 22 services the mid-mountain area and is one of the only stations servicing many of the lower runs that is not based in a lodge, so this station is a good one to keep marked.

Top of High Five Express

You will find another station at the top of High Five Express. This station services the mid to upper part of the mountain and since it is just at the bottom of Huevos Grande and Dave’s Run with Sanctuary and Face of Five starting beneath it, all of which are black diamonds, it is great to mark on the map as you push your skills and riding.

Top of Panorama Gondola

This station is at the very top of the mountain, making it a great place to get information about all the trails you’re about to ride down. If you get to the top and have questions about how you’re going to get down, this station is a great place to stop.

Top of Face Lift Express

Surrounded by blue and black diamond runs, the ski patrol station at the top of Face Lift Express is a good one to keep in mind thanks to the fact that you can spend an entire day riding around it. Plus, the station at the top of Face Lift Express is located at the bottom of three double black diamonds, so this station is in a perfect spot to support riders taking on some of the most technical terrain Mammoth has to offer.

Canyon Lodge

The ski patrol station at Canyon Lodge services some of the most heavily ridden trails on the entire mountain, so you can bet that  it will be manned at all times. Plus, thanks to the number of green trails and the new riders who ride them surrounding Canyon Lodge the ski patrol members at Canyon Lodge will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Main Lodge

Similarly to the station at Canyon Lodge, the ski patrol station at Main Lodge services the base of the mountain and the many new riders who are developing their skills there. This station is also the closets to Main Park, Mammoth’s biggest terrain park, as well as the backside of mountain so you can be sure that there will be plenty of experienced ski patrol members on hand.Still have questions about Mammoth or Winter sports in general? Stop by ASO Mammoth for the best ski and snowboard rentals, gear, and information on the mountain!

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