Your Guide to Mammoth Mountain’s Backside

Mammoth Mountain’s long season, convenient location to major cities, and massive size attract riders from all over the world. While we are happy to share all the fun Mammoth offers, the team at ASO Mammoth understands that sometimes you need to ride some less crowded trails or have a run where you don’t see anyone else. If that’s the kind of run you’re looking for, then the backside of Mammoth Mountain is your answer.

Although the Mammoth’s backside does pick up more wind than the front, there are plenty of trails and features for intermediate and experienced riders to make a day out of while avoiding most of the crowds out front. To help you make the most of Mammoth’s backside, we’ve put together a quick guide to show you what to expect and where to go to have the best day possible!

How to Access the Backside

Mammoth’s Backside has been designed so that it is easy to get around and access from the front of the mountain. Your best options to get there are to take either chair 12 or 23 and then ride down the appropriate trail from there. For Chair 12, that means going down either Oops, Surprise, or Training Wheels down to the bottom where you’ll find Chair 13 and 14. Chair 13 gives you the option to do it all over again while Chair 14 will take you further up the backside and give you access to the other trails available there.

You can also access the backside of the mountain from the middle of the front side with chair 23. This route is a great way to avoid the lower and typically more crowded areas of the mountain while accessing several of Mammoth’s most challenging runs. At the top of chair 23 you’ll have the choice to ride a few double black chutes and back down to chair’s base or ride Reds Lake Run down into the backside of the mountain.

Where to Rest

Mammoth’s Backside is also home to The Outpost, one of Mammoth’s most unique places to stop for a snack. Although the Outpost only has outdoor seating, it also offers hearty foods like gourmet grilled cheeses and soups along with restrooms and one of the best views of the mountains to enjoy while you snack and relax.

Where to Push Your Skills

Thanks to being further away from the main lodges, Mammoth’s backside is generally less crowded than the front which means more snow for you. Still, most of the runs on the backside are blues, which can leave expert riders itching for something more technical to ride. If you find yourself in that situation then there is Outpost Glades and Santiago Bowl for regular resort riding, but if you want the backcountry experience then you have to take advantage of The Hemlocks.

If you see The Hemlocks on the trail map you’ll only see another terrain park, but The Hemlocks is actually a backcountry style terrain park filled with natural features and a steep incline covered in powder that’s perfect for sending your biggest tricks. You’ll be hard pressed to find another area like The Hemlocks within a resort’s boundaries, so if you’re an expert rider who is craving to ride the backcountry the Hemlocks is a must visit. Expect plenty of hiking as The Hemlocks are only accessible by foot!Do you still have questions about Mammoth’s backside? What about snowboard and ski gear rentals? The team at ASO Mammoth is ready to answer any and all questions you may have, so stop by on your way up and let us know what you plan to ride today!

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