Trails & Lifts for Young Children on Mammoth Mountain

What better way is there to get the children in your life outside and learning a fun skill they can use for their entire lives than taking a trip to your local ski mountain?

If you’re like the team at ASO Mammoth, there isn’t one. Still skiing and snowboarding with children can be challenging to their developing skills as well as the difficulty of finding trails that are safe for them to ride on. To help you and any young riders with you have the best time possible at Mammoth Mountain, we’ve put together a list of the best trails and lifts for young riders on the mountain. Check it out below!

Schoolyard Express (17)

The Schoolyard Express lift is the most popular lift for beginners and young riders for good reason. 

Schoolyard Express is located near Canyon Lodge and The Village making it an ideal place for groups to start their day, take a break, or head off the mountain. More importantly, Schoolyard Express is a five person life with access to plenty of green runs as well as a few blues such as Spring Canyon, Round About, and Little Bird.

Canyon Lodge Children Zones

Along with several runs that are great for developing riders, Schoolyard Express is also near a few areas specifically designed for children. Between Round Robin and Spring Canyon there is Huck’s Drop, which is a children’s adventure zone that offers an exciting trail that will keep children entertained while also challenging their skills. Plus, further down Round Robin, just above the bottom of Schoolyard Express, there is another fun zone designed specifically for young riders.

Wonderland Playground

If you’re with a young rider who wants to have some fun in the terrain park but have only seen the large jumps and features then don’t worry, there are terrain parks for young riders too. If you’re in the Canyon Lodge area, you can take Chair 7 directly to the top of Wonderland Playground where you’ll find several children friendly terrain features.

Discovery Chair 11

If you’re near main lodge with young riders, you can also take Discovery Chair (11) which will drop you at the top of several green runs perfect for children like Sesame Street and Apple Pie. Plus, Discovery Chair also offers access to Disco Playground which is another children friendly terrain park, Woolly’s Woods, and another fun zone specifically designed for young riders. 

Eagle Express (15)

If you and your young rider are ready to explore other areas of the mountain and some more challenging terrain then you can take Eagle Express (15). At the top, you’ll have access to several blue runs like Watertank and Chickadee. Christmas Tree and Bridges, two other blue runs, can also be accessed from the top of Eagle Express, but it is important to note that at the bottom of Chickadee the trail splits between BlueJay and Bridges. Since BlueJay is a black diamond, pay attention at the split to make sure you don’t end up on a trail that doesn’t match your skill level.

Also accessible from the top of Eagle Express are a few green runs like Holiday and Sleepy Hollow. Not only do these runs offer a different kind of terrain than the other children friendly areas on the mountain, but there is another fun zone located near Sleepy Hollow and a another children friendly terrain park just past  the bottom of Chair 25. If you follow Sleepy Hollow or Pumpkin all the way down, you’ll be near the bottom of Eagle Express and ready to do it all again!If you have any questions about Mammoth Mountain or ski and snowboard gear, stop by ASO Mammoth and we will be happy to help!

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