5 Skiing and Snowboarding YouTube Channels To Learn About Skiing and Snowboarding

Unfortunately you can’t spend all day and night on the mountain, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to enjoy skiing and snowboarding when the it’s closed. 

There are thousands of YouTube channels with everything from amateur edits of someone hitting their first jump all the way up to the most progressive riders in the world pushing their limits and the sport to the edge. To help you get to the good stuff, the team at ASO Mammothhas put together a short list of our favorite YouTube channels for learning about new gear, techniques, and enjoying winter sports all year long.

Mammoth Mountain

If you’re riding Mammoth Mountain, then you should take at least one stop at Mammoth Mountain’s YouTube Channel to see what’s happening on the mountain. For example, have you seen the video breaking down the record setting new zip line that being built or the video showing that Mammoth has received the most snow out of any resort in the United States?

To keep up with all the awesome stuff happening at Mammoth, check in on the resort’s YouTube channel regularly!

Snowboard Pro Camp

Even though this channel only focuses on snowboarding, they cover so much ground that it is hard to keep them off our favorite list. Snowboard Pro Camp is home to videos that will walk you through buying or renting gear with reviews and tutorials all the way to landing advanced tricks while covering everything in between.

Snowboard Pro Camp also offers other videos like offseason training tutorials and vlogs to keep you entertained all year long.

Transworld Snowboarding

Once again, this channel focuses mostly on snowboarding, but since it is home to some of the best edits and riders in the world we had to include it here. Don’t worry if you’re a skier though, as Transworld is also home to resort breakdowns and full movies featuring snowboarding and skiing from the best in the world.

If you’ve got a case of the off-season blues, Transworld should be your first stop!

Ryan Knapton

Similarly to Snowboard Pro Camp, Ryan Knapton offers plenty of tutorials to keep your riding progressing for years to come. What sets Ryan Knapton’s channel apart is the fact that his channel serves as a vlog as he continues to explore and push his own riding, meaning that with helpful gear reviews, tutorials, and tips you get plenty of personality and topics that you would never think about unless you’ve been riding for a lifetime. Check out Ryan Knapton’s channel for great information and plenty of personality!

Stomp It Tutorials

Finally, here is a channel focused solely on skiing. Stomp It Tutorials covers everything from the moment you step into your skis all the way up to advanced tricks. What sets Stomp It Tutorials apart is the fact that they have access to equipment like air bags, trampolines, and indoor facilities to clearly show the techniques you need to stomp whatever is standing in your way.If you have any questions about ski and snowboard gear or Mammoth Mountain that can’t be answered in a YouTube video, check in with us at ASO Mammoth for the best information and gear on the mountain!

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