Where to ride an e-bike in Mammoth Lakes

Have you ever wanted more energy to push further during a marathon day of mountain biking?

If you said yes, then an e-bike made for mountain biking is exactly what you need. However, due to the electric motor, many trails do not allow e-bikes on them. The more time you spend figuring out which trails you can ride an e-bike on means less time mountain biking, so the ASO Mammoth team has put together a quick guide to where you can ride an e-bike in Mammoth Lakes!

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Mammoth Lakes Allows E-Bikes on Paved Paths 

As you can see here, e-bikes are allowed on paved multi-use trails, like the Lakes Basin path, running throughout the town. That opens up several roads and paths in the area where you can enjoy the beautiful mountain and lake views.

It’s important that you ride safely while on an e-bike or any bike for that matter. Make Sure that you:

  • Never ride out of control and monitor your speed so that you don’t lose control.
  • Leave plenty of space between other bikers and pedestrians.
  • Stay in the proper bike lane wherever you’re riding.
  • Pass on the left and ride on the right.
  • Pack out all trash and stick to the paved path.
  • Make sure your bike has enough charge to get home!

E-Bikes are Not Allowed on Any Path that is Designated as Non-Motorized

There are several paths in the Mammoth Lakes’ area where e-bikes are not allowed. Although there are maps that mark where e-bikes are allowed and where they aren’t, the easiest way to tell is by reading the signs at the trailhead.

If it says the trail is non-motorized, then you cannot ride an e-bike on it. Please do not try to ride e-bikes on non-motorized trails. It’s important for the safety of other bikers and hikers that the bikes on these trails stay at safe speeds, so by staying off them you can keep us all safe!

Don’t Forget that Mammoth Bike Park Has an Area for E-Bikes

Want to ride your e-bike on serious mountain biking trails? Mammoth Bike Park has you covered!

Mammoth Bike Park has dozens of trails that range from beginner to expert, but they also have an area set aside specifically for e-bikes. On top of that, you can rent an e-bike from the park if you either don’t have one or want to try riding one!

We’re big fans of the trails at Mammoth, and the fact that they’re one of the only bike parks allowing e-bikes on some of their trails makes us even more grateful to have it in our back yard. See what we mean by visiting Mammoth Bike Park!