5 Tips For Summer Camping

When summer weather hits, there isn’t a better place to be than the mountains.

Mammoth Lakes has plenty of those, but it also has all the lakes that the town’s name implies too. That makes our hometown the best summer camping area in California.

Even with mountains and lakes though, the summer heat is no joke when camping here. That’s why the ASO Mammoth team has put together 5 quick tips for summer camping. Read them below and then visit the ASO Mammoth shop for the best outdoor gear and rentals in Mammoth Lakes!

Remember the Basics – Drink Water Throughout the Day

Being hot is uncomfortable, but being in the sun at elevation all day without water is dangerous.

The most important part of any camping trip, no matter the season, is water. However, at Mammoth Lakes’ high elevation the summer heat dehydrates campers even faster. That’s why the first thing you should ensure is that you have more than enough water for your camping trip.

Once you have the basics, you have to make sure you’re actually using them! It may seem unlikely that you’ll forget to drink enough water. However, if you’re hiking, swimming, or doing other outdoor activities then you may not make time to drink enough.

Make a point to drink extra water, especially if you’re also drinking alcohol while camping!

Take Your Tent Down During the Day

Even if you have a tent designed for summer heat, it will still trap heat inside once the sun is on it. That’s why it’s a good idea to take your tent down during the day.

During the heat of the day tents don’t make for great shade from the sun since they trap heat. Some tents with a double wall will keep cool, but if you don’t have solid shade on your tent then the air inside it will be warm when you climb in to sleep at night.

Great tents will be easy to put up and take down with some practice, and you’ll have a much easier time going to sleep if it’s cool inside your tent!

Camp Close to Water if Possible

Mammoth’s lakes are a great way to cool down in the heat of the day, which is why we love camping near them!

Whether you’re paddle boarding, swimming, or just throwing a frisbee, the water will cool you down much faster than a fan or shade. Don’t forget that being on the water means you don’t have shade from the sun. Water also reflects sunlight, which is why it is important that you wear sunscreen!

Shade Your Tent However You Can

No matter how much you like the sunshine you can’t stay in it all day. That’s why you must find ways to shade your tent however you can.

Your tent or shelter is the best place to cool down and rest, so either pitch it in the shade of a tree or build another shelter over it to provide shade. There are plenty of tarps designed to be built over a tent. Find one before your next summer camping trip if there’s no natural shade!

Take Off the Rainfly of Your Tent at Night

Privacy is important, but if you’re far enough away from other campers to feel comfortable then you should take the rainfly off your tent at night to stay cool.

The rainfly may keep out rain, but if there is no rain then all it will do is lock in heat and humidity while you try to sleep. Don’t be afraid to take your rainfly while sleeping for better ventilation in your tent!