Mammoth’s Best Spots for Walking

From keeping your blood pressure in check to improving heart, bone, and muscle health and giving you a natural mood boost, walking has many proven health-related benefits. Putting one foot in front of the other is also a great way to absorb yourself in the many natural wonders on full display in the Mammoth area. If you’ll be heading to Mammoth soon, read on to find out more about the places where you can walk here, brought to you by the team at ASO Mammoth, your one-stop shop for high-quality hiking gear as well as premier Mammoth ski rental and repair. 

The Village at Mammoth Mountain

The main on-site hub at Mammoth Mountain, The Village gives you ample opportunities to casually stroll and mingle with other guests. You’re also welcome to take some breaks while you walk to check out the shops and restaurants here. The Village hosts many different events throughout the year as well, including both summer and winter activities.

The Mammoth Mountain Summit

Ride to the top of Mammoth Mountain via the gondola, and you can walk around and check out the breathtaking view of the San Joaquin River Valley below. There’s also a multiuse trail that starts here. It’s behind the Eleven53 Café, so you can grab a bite to eat to fuel up before walking along the trail and bathing yourself in the sights. The trail winds down along the back of mountain if you prefer a more vigorous walking experience.

The Mammoth Lakes Basin

The Horseshoe Lake Loop is one of the most popular hiking and walking trails in this area. Offering fantastic views of the mountain and surrounding areas, this flat, partially shaded pathway is accessible from trolley stop 104. The trolley also takes you to—or close to—many other places where you can casually walk or hike in the same area, including:

• The Twin Lakes Loop
• Panorama Dome Trail
• Coldwater Creek Trailhead
• Lake George Trailhead

The Lakes Basin Path

Designed for both walkers and hikers, this 5.3-mile wide-open paved pathway is a perfect place to walk if you prefer to snap a bunch of pics as you stroll. Stretching from the North Village to Horseshoe Lake, the Lakes Basin Path does have a noticeable vertical descent of about 1,000 feet. For this reason, you’ll need to pace yourself to stay comfortably balanced.

The Mammoth Adventure Center

For an easier option with walking or casual hiking, make your way to the Mammoth Adventure Center. Incidentally, this is also a great place to come for a family visit to the area. The Minaret Vista Trail is directly accessible from this location as well. It’s a fairly short uphill trail that takes you through a pine forest before rewarding you with amazing views.

The Mammoth Rock Trail

Leisurely walking can also be done along this pedestrian-friendly trail. Accessible for walking in the summer, it’s over on Old Mammoth Road. Additional walking spots in the Mammoth area to consider during your visit include:

• Community Center Park
• Shady Rest Park
• The Meadow Boulders 

When you’re ready to enjoy an amazing walking experience at Mammoth, drop by and say hello to the mountain sports experts at ASO Mammoth. We can hook you up with everything you need for a fantastic walking or hiking experience. We’re your top choice for local trail information and top-quality hiking gear as well as ski and snowboard rental in Mammoth, so stop in or give us a call at 760-965-3444.