Guide for First Visits to the Mammoth Lakes Basin Bike Trail

People come to Mammoth Lakes from all over the world to push their skiing, climbing, and biking abilities to the edge on the extreme terrain surrounding the town. However, if you’re coming to Mammoth to simply relax and enjoy nature, then you’re in good company.

The majority of Mammoth’s visitors come to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Eastern Sierra instead of conquering it through adventure sports like skiing, climbing, or mountain biking. If that sounds like you, then the Lakes Basin Bike trail is a must for your summer or fall visit to Mammoth Lakes.

The Lakes Basin is a big place, so we’re not going to send you there without telling you how to get around and what to look for. Check out our guide below and stop by the ASO Mammoth shop for any bike rentals you may need to enjoy the Lakes Basin!

Lakes Basin Path

We will start with the main path you’ll need to take to get into the Lakes Basin.

As the name suggests, the Lakes Basin Path cuts through the entire Lakes Basin and gives anyone walking or biking on it easily accessible views of the area’s lakes and mountains. There’s more though, as the path also connects the Lakes Basin to the town of Mammoth Lakes by running all the way from Horseshoe Lake to the intersection of Main Street and Minaret Road where the Village is only a few blocks away. If the views and accessibility aren’t enough for you, then know that the Lakes Basin Path is paved for all 5.3 miles which makes it the perfect place for family friendly biking.

Horseshoe Lake Loop Trail

If you wear out the Lakes Basin Path, then there is even more trail you can access from it.

As the name suggests, the horseshoe Lake Loop trail loops around Horseshoe Lake right in the heart of the Lakes Basin and all its splendor. However, you don’t have to trade adventure into the backcountry for accessibility as this trail is perfect for beginner mountain bikers thanks to the mostly flat dirt and gravel surfaces that stretch for 1.7 miles.

Travel away from town and into the Lakes Basin towards Lake Mamie to access the Horseshoe Lake Loop Trail. You can ride onto the trailhead in the parking lot at the end of the road and begin your ride from there. If you have some extra time, stop and enjoy a view of Twin Falls on your way to Horseshoe Lake!

Lakefront Path

Lastly, the Lakefront Path delivers the most bang for your buck thanks to its short distance and incredible beauty.

Although this trail runs for only 0.3 miles, it’s the perfect scenic shortcut that connects Twin Lakes Road from near Tamarack Cross Country Ski Center to just past the Twin Lakes General Store towards the Twin Lakes Campground. On top of the convenient location, the Lakefront path offers varied scenery thanks to sections that run along Twin Lakes, through forests, and past plenty of picnic areas perfect for a stop.

Other Tips

Don’t forget that Mammoth Lakes is likely at a higher altitude than where you came from. If you exert yourself too hard without acclimating then you could be setting yourself up for a long recovery. Also, don’t forget that there is an active road in the area that runs next to or crosses many of the trails. All bikers should be comfortable riding near roads and moving cars.

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