The Volcom Brothers Skatepark: The Best Spot for Skaters in Mammoth Mountain

Nestled in a sea of pine trees up against the Eastern Sierra Mountains, this park is already one of a kind. The Volcom Brothers Skatepark in Mammoth Mountain is 40,000 square feet of backyard pool-style bliss. We might even go as far to say that we’ve found the world’s most perfect park for the “classic skater”. Those that obsessed over Lords of Dog Town and spent way too much of their spare time draining pools or hand planting would be down right impressed by this masterpiece.

With what feels like an endless park, comes endless opportunities. The Volcom Brother Skatepark’s massive pool-style bowl layout is so expansive that it allows continuous flow for skaters. The park also has a side section specifically dedicated to beginners. There are smaller ramps and low rails for those that are just getting the hang of skating in general or are more interested in street style performance.

Aside from all the bells-and-whistles this park has to offer, it was founded on the purpose to create a positive environment, to treat others using the facility with dignity and respect, and to overall provide an appropriate place for kids and like-minded individuals to practice their sports-skills.

The Volcom Brother’s mission statement for the park is “to build a skate park that is world class, aesthetically pleasing, and welcomes all to skateboard and enjoy the safe, outdoor, mountain environment in a responsible manner”, and that’s exactly what they did.

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