Take a Dip in Nature’s Hot Tub at the Mammoth Lakes Hot Springs

It’s surprising to most to find out that Mammoth Lakes is at the edge of an ancient volcanic caldera. Over hundreds of thousands of years ago, the volcano erupted, ultimately creating the vastly majestic flat basins that make up the Mammoth Lake’s Natural Hot Springs today.

A common question about natural hot springs – “If these basins were created from an erupted volcano, is it safe to swim in?” “Is it going to be too hot?” Our answer, yes the Mammoth Lake Hot Springs are safe to soak in. The temperatures at these specific hot springs don’t reach unbearably hot temperatures like other natural hot springs can, making it safe to swim in. The temperatures spike at around 107 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the average temperature of the hot tub in your backyard.

There are a total of three natural hot springs in the vicinity. You have the Travertine Hot Springs, the Keough Hot Springs, and the Bentron Hot Springs.

The Travertine Hot Springs are probably the most popular of the three hot springs because it is easily accessible off the 395. It’s approximately an hour drive north of Mammoth Lakes.

By the Keough Hot Springs there is a camping site and a lodge. It’s about an hour drive south from Mammoth Lakes on the US 395.

Lastly, the Bentron Hot Springs are located about an hour north east of Mammoth Lakes on state route 120.

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