Tips for Staying Safe While Riding Down Mammoth Mountain

The best way to work with others and stay safe on Mammoth Mountain boils down to experience, assuming other skiers’ next moves, and communication.

The more hours you log on the mountain, the more experience you gain. Not just physical experience, but mental experience. By continually going up and down the mountain, you now have a more confident perception of your own skill level and are aware of your limitations. You are also able to effectively gauge others skill levels purely through behavior and recognition.

This new found knowledge is priceless. By paying attention to others actions on the mountain, you will be able to most likely decipher their next move simply by observing their body language. If a skier or boarder is a beginner, you will be able to recognize it by the signs they exhibit. If someone is barreling down the mountain with no clear path and eating it, you can politely enlighten them on mountain etiquette. Communication amongst others is a key component in keeping the slopes safe. After all, it’s important to look out for one another.

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